The Voice: And The Winner Is…

After a two-hour finale overstuffed with performances by the four finalists, the remainder of the top twelve singers in various configurations, and appearances by Sting, Stevie Wonder, Ariana Grande, John Legend, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd, Kiss, Cam, and Kelly Clarkson, Carson Daly finally got around to announcing a winner. The winner is…

Sundance Head from Blake Shelton’s team is the winner of Season 11 of The Voice. Billy Gilman finished second, Wé McDonald finished third and Josh Gallagher finished fourth. For Shelton, it is his fifth time in the winner’s circle.

Once it was down to the final two, I expected Gilman’s name to be called, but I’m not totally shocked that Head won. In my opinion, he gained the most from Monday night’s finals show, and he had been totally consistent from the blind auditions through to the finals. McDonald had lost some of her early momentum, but I thought Gilman would have held on to take the win.

The show will return on February 27 for Season 12, with all coaches returning save for Miley Cyrus; Gwen Stefani returns to the series for the upcoming season. A fun preview of the upcoming season can be found here:

Thanks to all who followed along with these posts; I will be back in February to follow the upcoming season. If you watched the finale, leave your impressions in the comments.

4 Replies to “The Voice: And The Winner Is…”

    1. There were so many performances on that show, I forgot to list the Weeknd in the post. I’ll have to edit that in. I wouldn’t say Sundance didn’t deserve to win, but I didn’t think he would. I thought he would finish third.

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  1. I saw the final last night, yayyy! I know I didn’t see the whole season, but from what I saw, the winner was amazing! It was kind of like a Jordan slam-dunk from last year! I think Wé is going to go so far, she was amazing too. But I think the show stealer last night was Bruno Mars, holy cow, what an entertainer!! 🙂

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    1. I thought that Sundance would finish third, with Wé second and Billy Gilman winning. That said, any one of those three would have been fine with me as the winner. Sundance really shined on the Monday night live finals show, moreso than the other two.

      As for Bruno Mars, yes! That single is amazing, and I thought they were going to have to stop the show once he finished; but they still had to announce the winner. One thing about the final show of the season, they seem to spare no expense to get just about anyone they want to sing at that show.

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