Smooth Jazz Sunday: Sensuality

In what is now the home stretch in the days before Christmas, those of us who haven’t completed their Christmas shopping are finishing up, or running around frantically to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones and friends. I’m somewhere in the middle; not in frantic mode yet, but still with plenty to do before the big day. Not to use that as an excuse, but that is a piece of the reason why the Smooth Jazz Sunday song comes a bit later than usual today. Finding today’s song was quite similar to where I am with my Christmas shopping.

Of course, part of the exercise in writing these weekly smooth jazz posts is that I have to find a song that I would like to say a few things about. While running through my mental inventory of songs that might fit what I wanted to say, my mind drifted back to another Brian Culbertson track. If you have been following me for a while, you know that I am a fan of the smooth jazz multi-instrumentalist. I wanted a downtempo song to match the gray skies outside here in Maryland. Something that would make you want to just go back to bed on a day like today. The song I chose, “Sensuality,” does that for me; although I cannot retreat to the bed today—still too much to do.

“Sensuality” is taken from Culbertson’s It’s On Tonight album, which is something of his make-out album. With titles such as the one for this song, “Hookin’ Up,” “Forbidden Love,” and others and with guest appearances by Ledisi and Will Downing, it is a single-minded set inspired by seduction, romance and lovemaking. Whether or not this song is an odd choice for a Sunday morning (or afternoon) post I can’t say, but it was the song I was feeling today.

The song slowly seeps into your system, as Culbertson’s piano playing is light but full of purpose on this one. Further into the track, you can hear some horns make a subtle appearance in the background (probably featuring the artist on his trombone). This is one of my favorites from this album, and I do hope you like it for today.

As always, thanks for reading and listening.

21 Replies to “Smooth Jazz Sunday: Sensuality”

  1. Wow thank you for sharing this. This song is sooooo soothing and relaxing. Man I can meditate to this or just unwind. I’m sooooo relaxed listening to the piano keys. Fire.

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  2. You’ve reminded me of music I haven’t played in a while. As I’ve told you before, I still have my significant CD collection and I can well remember where and when I bought this CD. Now given your description to choosing this song, I feel obliged to add this one to your smooth collection for today. You know I’m a Will Downing fan😀

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  3. Lovely! A few flakes of snow are drifting down, my dogs are asleep on the couch behind me and I’m debating whether to join them. Actually, I’m heading to a friend’s piano Christmas concert, then making rosemary roasted chicken for dinner, then I’ll play this again before bedtime… 🙂

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