Top Songs Of 2016, Part 5

If you have been missing from the blog this week, this post marks the final chapter of my top 25 songs of the year. Once again, this isn’t based on any statistics, or what is necessarily popular or the biggest hits of the year. Just my personal hot track playlist. Ideally, I wanted to make a list of ten, but I couldn’t quite narrow it down that far. So I did twenty-five; figuring it was a nice number that wouldn’t drive me crazy, or you for that matter. Before I list the final five, you can go back and read about numbers one through twenty (by alphabetical order):

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

And so, on to the finish:

BJ The Chicago Kid, “Turnin’ Me Up”: 2016 has proven to be a good year for BJ. His first official album, In My Mind, was released to critical acclaim. Besides sold out shows, collaborations with some of the industry’s best and personal acclaim for his work, he is nominated for three Grammy awards in the R&B categories, including Best R&B album. He may not win, but the album was one of my favorites of the year. This song, a self-described tribute to Marvin Gaye, never fails to make me hum along. To me, it also has a hint of D’Angelo in the grooves and the vocals. And once he says “music take me away,” the band just jams the track and grooves out until the fade. Well done.

Renee Neufville, “Watching Me”: If you miss Zhané, the group that Ms. Neufville was a part of (“Hey Mr. D.J.”, “Groove Thang”, “Sending My Love” or “Crush” to name a few of their songs), this song brings back the vibe of their collaboration, if not the actual group itself. Another song I found on Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist, I bought it the moment I heard it. Here’s hoping she can build on this single to bring us some more music, because this one is still getting play months after the first listen. I’ve almost worn it out!

Lindsey Webster, “Where Do You Want To Go”: I became a fan of Ms. Webster’s after hearing her previous album, You Change. Her song from that album, “Fool Me Once” hit the top spot on Billboard‘s Contemporary Jazz charts, though it was the song “Open Up” that I loved best. Now signed to Shanachie Records, she is getting a big promotional push and is touring behind her current album, Back To Your Heart. The title song is being pushed as a single, and is also doing very well on the Contemporary Jazz stations, but it is this song that grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. I love the feel of the song and her vocals are outstanding. I admit I bought the album based on the single, but I think this song is even better. She recently did a show in Bethesda (about a 2 hour drive) from my home that I had to pass on, but I’m sure she’ll be back.

Vivian Green, “Work”: Her record label felt it needed to label this song’s remix as “Grown Folks Music.” If you just listen to the original version of the track, I think that’s pretty obvious. The song was just fine without a remix; and I’d give anything to feel as good as that bassline sounds. This was one of the first songs I featured once I began posting and writing about music, way back in February, and I still love it even now. I keep rooting for Vivian to have a breakout hit, but there hasn’t really been anything “big” since “Emotional Rollercoaster,” over a decade ago. Not that she’s had bad songs, and this one certainly isn’t; it’s just that the stars haven’t aligned to give her that one great song that makes her the star that she should be. Regardless, she’s star enough for me and this list—especially with a track as good as this.

Leon Timbo, “You’re My Darling”: Last, but certainly not least, comes one of the best debut singles I’ve heard in a long, long time. Leon Timbo has been playing music for years, but had never really been pushed into the spotlight. Reportedly, he impressed singer-actor Tyrese Gibson enough that he began mentoring the artist. He’s also been helped along by Babyface. With those two in his corner, it’s no wonder that he finally has come out on the scene. And with this song, he’s got himself a winner. For those of you who like strings, this song has them in spades. But it’s not just the trappings the pull you in, it’s his voice, and the arrangement in total, and it just grooves. From his fine album, What Love’s All About; if Vivian Green’s song was Grown Folks Music, this is Grown Folks Music to the extreme.

So there you have it: my top 25 songs for 2016. Of course, I had a few honorable mentions (in no particular order):

Zo! featuring Dornik, “Lifelines”

Guordan Banks, “Keep You In Mind”

Take 6 featuring Stevie Wonder, “You Know You’re In Love”

Anderson Paak, “Room In Here”

Calvin Richardson, “Hearsay”

Noel Gourdin featuring Hil St. Soul, “No Worries” (Remix)

Calvin Harris featuring Rihanna, “This Is What You Came For”

Dornik, “Stand In Your Line”

Adele, “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”

MAJOR., “Why I Love You”

Ashleigh Smith, “Best Friends”

Nu Shooz, “Soul Cushion”

Frank McComb, “Feelin’ Some Kinda Way”

Phonte & Eric Roberson, “It’s So Easy”

Nathan East featuring Yolanda Adams, “Feels Like Home”

Usher featuring Young Thug, “No Limit”

R. Kelly, “Backyard Party”

Leela James, “Don’t Want You Back”

Avery*Sunshine, “Come Do Nothing”

Kevin Ross, “Long Song Away”

Yeah. Twenty honorable mentions. Look for them on YouTube if you’re interested.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little exercise in listmaking, and hopefully you’ve found a song or two that you might like, or even better, might put in your heavy rotation list. Thanks to you all for your patience, comments and support, and as always for reading and listening.


29 Replies to “Top Songs Of 2016, Part 5”

  1. Wow! Never thought I would see Nu Shooz, R.Kelly, Rihanna & Adele on the same list! Not to mention Usher & Calvin Harris too. You have certainly gone above & beyond, T.Wayne. Great list & very enlightening & entertaining. I wish you & yours a very Happy Holiday & a prosperous New Year !

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  2. Good morning Twin!
    It’s so good to see some ‘oldie artists’ on this list. I’ll admit that I did not know that Reneė Neufville and Vivian Green had new music out–not to mention Nu Shooz (WeII I did know about them from a prior post of yours) and Take 6.
    I’ll definitely be checking those out.
    Also, I really like:
    Eric Robertson
    Calvin Richardson
    You already know what I’m gonna like because we are wonder twins!
    These lists are invaluable 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Lisa and I can’t wait to see your list! Of course, the danger of making a list like this is you always forget something. I forgot one honorable mention: “One Dance” by Drake. It was only the most streamed song of the year. LOL! Maybe by including it in this reply to your comment, it gets counted.

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      1. Thank you for sharing! LOL @ Rihanna (ehh). The good news is that on that song, she doesn’t really have to do that much. I didn’t realize until I had heard it for forever that Taylor Swift helped write that song.

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  3. Hey Tracy

    I’ve been cruising through your music and I’ve bought a few songs from your recommendations. But what struck me while going through your blog is what a labour of love this is for all of us to enjoy. So thank you for all the effort you put into this so that we also appreciate the heart of the man that this is coming from.
    I realised that I hadn’t bought much music this year – maybe because I overdosed on music purchases over the past 2-3 years and therefore still enjoying plenty of good listening on my IPOD or your blog 😀
    I support the idea that you help us pick out what’s coming up.For example -I bought the “Feels like home” song from Nathan East’s Reverence album and I see the whole Album is only due to be released on the 20 Jan 2017.That song is so fitting with the Album’s title – soooo reverent, I could swoon while listening to it.

    Here are a few of my favs for 2016, some of them not necessarily released in 2016:

    More than you know Deborah Cox
    You’re so beautiful – Empire Cast ( I’ve loved the music on this series and have bought most of my favorite songs)
    Rainy night in Jersey – Rod Willliams
    Franklin Park – Rod Williams
    Whatever happens Nelson Rangell
    Push to start – Paul Taylor
    Million years ago – Adele
    Falando de Amor Viktoria Mullova (Classical)

    Im not sure what our local big hit will be for the dance floor here this year but this one was playing everywhere locally last year:

    When I was checking out the Kindred Family Soul, I found some earlier tracks on my IPOD
    I thought I’d play it here especially for you! Have a blessed Christmas and may some of your dreams come true in 2017. It’s been quite a year and I’m grateful for your friendship. Chevvy 😊

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    1. Thanks, Chevvy for your kind words! You won’t believe this, (or maybe you will), but the Black Coffee track you put in your comment was on my list for the year! When I saw that video I was like…oh my goodness! She really DOES get me! LOL

      Seriously, though thanks so much. I am so glad you found a few songs that you liked and purchased. A lot of these songs are not “mainstream” over here, so any little exposure I can give them to spread the word makes me feel good. Loved seeing your list for 2016; if a song is what moved you during the year, it really doesn’t matter when it was released, as you well know.

      Nathan East has teased us with a couple singles from that new album, and I was so pleased to hear something with Yolanda Adams’ voice. There hasn’t been a whole lot of music released by her since she started hosting a radio show. Hopefully, this augurs well for more music from her.

      If I can be nosy, which songs did you end up purchasing? I’d be curious to know what you liked enough to put money down on.

      Have a wonderful Christmas!

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      1. Hey Tracy, would you believe I’ve still been doing my last round of Christmas shopping? I swear I just want to put my my feet up and read some books next week 😀
        To answer your question about my music choices, first bear in mind that I’ve curbed my spending on music this year. So when I was looking at my Itunes purchase record this morning, I had only bought three full CDs this year and guess who influenced my choices?😀 I bought Will Downing, BWB and Maysa. Of course you know that I’m a Will Downing and Maysa fan anyway. I’m also a big Kirk Whalum fan.

        But more precisely to your point, I bought some of the songs from your list this moening and some songs led me to others by those artists. So songs purchased this morning include:
        Never Know – Kindred family
        Feels like home – Nathan East and Yolanda Adam
        This is what you came for – Calvin Harris
        Shine – BJ Chicago
        One at a time – Lindsay Webster
        Where do you want to go? – Lindsay Webster
        Song for you – Take 6
        By Myself – Alvin Garett

        I already had Send my love to your lover by Adele.

        I love Euge Groove – have a number of his CDs. I want to first listen to the whole CD that you wrote about the other day.
        Others I’d like to come back to are Kandace Springs and the Trina Broussard song you posted. I also have quite a bit of Eric Roberson,so I’ll come back to this.

        So – how am I doing Maestro? 😀

        I’m super impressed that you’ve been listening to my homeboy – Black Coffee.
        Don’t know if you’ve heard this one he does with Shekinah?

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      2. Chevvy, thanks for sharing your list. You’re doing just fine; you don’t have to like what I like of course; you just have to like whatever moves you. Your list though is very impressive.

        Regarding Black Coffee, I think his track “I Have Faith” appeared in one of my curated streaming weekly playlists on Spotify. I liked it so I went to the album, Pieces Of Me, which I first heard this year. That’s where I found “We Dance Again.”

        I see that “Your Eyes” is available on Spotify, so I ‘ll queue that up for streaming as well. Thanks, friend!

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