Rain On Christmas

Another Christmas Eve, another rainy day. Seemingly every year since I started this blog, it has rained either on Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day, or both. Today, it is raining on Christmas Eve. Which once again means that I get to re-imagine the post about David Sanborn’s “Rain On Christmas.”

It’s not a Christmas song. At least I don’t think it is. Yet David Sanborn had the idea to name a tune “Rain On Christmas.” And because I like it, I play it once every year, just because it has Christmas in the title. So, at least to me, it IS a Christmas song.

Sanborn’s former label, Warner Brothers, even got in on the act, including it in an album called Jazz Christmas, in which it was the lead track. The jazz definition was very broad to include Sanborn, James Carter, Cyrus Chestnut, and Gabriela Anders under one roof. Carter and Chestnut may have the most in common, at least in terms of recorded output. But, that’s the wonders of marketing. The five track album can be found in this YouTube playlist that I’ve set up:

Given the weather situation here in Maryland on this Christmas Eve, the song fits, even though the rain is scheduled to end around 2 P.M. Christmas Day is scheduled to be clear, with sunshine and temperatures near 50 degrees. Looks like instead of a white Christmas, we’re going to have another green Christmas.  Green Christmases, with temperatures somewhere between 40-50 degrees are becoming more and more the norm here, with White Christmas chances getting smaller and smaller. But you never know; if conditions line up, maybe one of these days we’ll get one of those white Christmases that Bing Crosby and millions of others keep singing about. But not too white—I don’t want a blizzard, and I don’t want to be snowed in. Unless it means I’ll get a day off.

At any rate, Sanborn’s “Rain On Christmas”, at least title-wise, fits for how the weather looks right now. I hope you enjoy it, and if you play it, the Jazz Christmas album also featured in the post. As always, thanks for reading and listening.

Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate the holiday, and Happy Hanukkah for those who celebrate the Jewish holiday as well. If you don’t celebrate either, best wishes for a peaceful day or days to come, full of joy.

16 Replies to “Rain On Christmas”

  1. We are having the same weather here, T.Wayne. I have to admit, I want a white Christmas. Oh, well…Sanborn’s Rain on Christmas. At the beginning you could hear snippets of White Christmas in the music. If it puts you in the mood, then it is your holiday song. Nothing wrong with that, my friend!

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    1. It would be nice to see a little snow on the ground on Christmas Day. It’s become something of a tradition now to play it, though I wish the title didn’t match the weather so well.


  2. 68 here and 71 for tomorrow and yes more rain here…so same here lol…
    I so wanted a white Christmas : ( but weather here in Texas one never knows…I really enjoyed the above mood relaxer it sure does fit for the weather …and a great way to start my day even tho its off to a late start…meaning I am not moving to fast today lol..
    If I don’t see a post from you before Christmas…I hope that you have a wonderful one my dear friend…enjoy the day…
    Hugggggs n ♥ to you and your family

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    1. Thank you Suzette! It would be nice to have a little snow on the ground at Christmas, but it ain’t happening this year. Well, there’s always next year! If I don’t see you on the interwebs before then, you have a Merry Christmas too.

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