Waiting For That Day

Can 2016 just get up and leave already? Even in its last hours, the year keeps on kicking us.

I know that usually Mondays feature a song from the 1980s, but recent events warrant that I write about a singer who was a big part of the ’80s for a lot of us.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve either written or said in some form that 2016 has been a tough year for our musical heroes. Another went away yesterday. In case you haven’t heard, George Michael, formerly of Wham! but also well known for his solo work, passed away yesterday at the age of 53. I spent the better part of last evening listening to some of his greatest works, and some of my favorites, both from Wham! and his solo work.

He had a way with a pop hook. He wrote a lot of songs that made you dance, and some that made you swoon. He had a facility with uptempo songs and beautiful ballads. Though the evidence of that talent was seen from the beginning in Wham!, it crystallized into a perfect pop moment with his album Faith. That album proved to be his biggest success, selling in excess of 10 million copies and featuring many top ten hits. It was Faith that I went to first in my remembrance of Michael; and I played the whole album from start to finish; reveling in the greatness of the man’s talent. It is an album with almost no filler; you may like some songs better than others, but none of them are bad.

From there, it was back and forth between his solo hits and the days of Wham! A few of my favorites of those:

I could have easily included at least a half dozen more. Or maybe even a dozen more. Like I said, he had a way with a hook. He was also blessed with a wonderful voice, and he was also gifted with production smarts. His songs always sounded good.

As I tweeted last night:

Many of us, especially those of my generation, are feeling as though chunks of our youth are being taken from us, seeming weekly or even more frequently than that. So many of our musical icons have left us this year, as well as people we’ve admired in other disciplines. 2016 has been one of the most disappointing years in that respect that I can ever remember. Though I know there are more days like these coming, I think we are all waiting for that day that there won’t be anymore like these.

RIP, George Michael. Go get your spot in that heavenly choir. While among us, you were simply amazing.

23 Replies to “Waiting For That Day”

  1. It has been a horrible year for musical icons. George was only 3 years older than me. It seems like yesterday I was dancing to his songs. If you get the chance, listen to his poignant duet with Sir Elton. We won’t let the sun go down on you, George. Thank you for your angelic voice. Thank you,T.Wayne, for this lovely tribute.

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      1. Well, thank you Susan! I actually turned 50 back in July. I’m listening to both of those duets right now! He was an amazing singer, which probably is noticed more than his writing and production talent, both of which were every bit the equal as his singing.

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  2. Hey Tracy – I’ve had a news free day so I saw it first on your blog that George Michael had passed. Thank you for putting together this great tribute. I’m sure we’ve each played one of George’s songs at some special occasion in our lifetimes. I know he could work up a sweat for us in the clubs during his Wham days in the 80s. Then many of us must have done a slow dance to Careless Whispers.
    The song below seems fitting given the day on which he died. I’ve added two other tributes of his music that I’ve enjoyed.

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      1. Thanks Tracy. Btw – I agree with us having had enough of 2016. Besides losing musical legends, it’s been a historical year in many respects which sets the agenda for 2017 and beyond. I’m hoping we’re moving towards the light!
        In terms of the passing of our favorite musicians, I think too many seem to pass on too young, but the older guys we enjoyed in our generation will continue to bow out.
        Glad you liked “Long and Winding Road” I enjoyed his “Wham” days, his “Careless Whispers” days and his many beautiful ballads like Roxanne.

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  3. Gone to soon…
    I thought this was a sick joke from a friend that was here he asked if I heard about him passing…we didn’t look it up since we thought of some kind of hoax or lie…Damn it Janet this makes me cry…he was so talented producing his songs and writing them…I believe he was going to be doing a documentary on his life this new year and was going to be out in March on hbo…I wonder how that will play out???…
    I can’t think of a bad song from him…I love even the ones that didn’t get much air play…OK I loved all his songs…and just listen to fastlove and father figure …
    Love that MTVclassic has been since last night been playing all of his videos so I went to bed watching and listening and woke up to him….
    Thank you for such a wonderful tribute to such a talented man…
    I agree can we get the fuck up out of 2016 before it takes another great one from us…

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    1. I played his music for two hours last night and only quit because I had to go to sleep. The two you mentioned are two among many favorites I have.

      Thanks so much for such a beautiful, heartfelt comment Suzette! I hope despite the loss of George Michael, that you had a good Christmas.


    1. Joan, you’re welcome. I wish I didn’t have to write these tributes. Thankfully, we can always remember those we’ve lost in the music world just by finding their music and playing it. It keeps them in our hearts and minds, and keeps those memories intact.

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