You Play The Songs

Today, I’m trying something different. Today, I want you to drop a song in the comments. Simple and plain. Doesn’t matter what genre or style, originals or covers, fast or slow. Just put a song (or several) in the comments. It will be a mixtape of sorts. Not to mention, some of us used to make mixtapes on cassettes just like the one pictured above.

Go to YouTube, find your song and embed it in the comments. If you need help, once you find your song on video, click share. Next, click embed. Copy the code that shows up and paste in your comment.

I’ll start this off with a video for a song in this post. I’m feeling some old school disco today. So I’m going with Jackie Moore’s classic “This Time Baby,” which was actually a cover of an O’Jays song from 1978. This was one of the great disco classics before the music was pushed underground. I can remember putting this on a cassette for sure. And in those days, you could hear the long versions played on the radio! And this one has great cowbell!

This should get some toes tapping for sure. Your song doesn’t have to be a disco song; pick whatever you want. Go for it! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

83 Replies to “You Play The Songs”

      1. LOL!!
        So I am in Chevvy’s studio listening to Ms. Jean Carne’s “Don’t let it go to your head.”
        YAAASSSSS !!!!
        She posted it after a series of comments that we made on one of her posts πŸ™‚
        Add that one Twin!
        DO IT!!!!

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  1. Geez…. of all the interesting (to me) songs I know, what to pick? What to pick?

    How about this one….. modern, catchy, unique, and both the song and artist are very under the radar. I would not even know of this song’s existence had it not once been a part of the background muzak at work…

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    1. Thanks Susan! I hope you don’t mind, but I took the liberty to swap out the links for your songs and replaced them with the “embed” ones from YouTube, so that people could see them right on the site. Lovely choices, and anytime I can hear “When The Levee Breaks” is always a good time!

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  2. Ah Man! I needed this today. There’s some great stuff here but if there’s one song that plucked at my heartstrings for some unknown reason it is “Do the hustle” Can’t remember when I last heard it. Though I have so many favorites across decades, the 80s is where my heart is at. So I’ve chosen two songs, one from Gladys Knight which says all I want to say and then one of those songs that got me to the centre of the circle – Dance with me y’all!! Thanks Tracy – You got the funk yeah!

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    1. You’re welcome, and thank you for your choices. Positive Force! Wow…there’s been some time since I’ve heard that song too! Everyone is bringing out the good stuff today. I really like how this is going today!

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    1. Hey Suzette! It looks ok, unless these weren’t the songs you wanted. Let me know and I’ll fix them.
      It looks like everyone had a good time here…so I’ll probably do it again. Maybe I’ll even add some more songs myself! One never knows…

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      1. Hey T. Wayne my friend ☻
        Well the one from the group Dazz should have been the song Dazz …
        the one from Tiesto should have been
        love comes again…
        Zapp and Roger I want to be your man was one that I wanted..along with the Gap Band you dropped a bomb on me and Paul van dyke let go…
        So sorry to have messed up your page…I am not sure if you can delete them or not???…but those that I messed up are good songs too…just not what I picked lollollol….
        I agree I know I had a good time listening to some I have never heard of and love to hear new songs…I agree everyone had a good time with this…I do hope that you have this again…brings all us musik lovers together no matter what is being played and we need more togetherness in this world…β™₯☻
        Kool I can’t wait to hear what’s next on the list…
        If you can fix them that would be great…if you don’t have the time I understand …it’s not like it’s gonna kill me or anything lol..just grrr lol
        So any plans for 2nighters my friend???…


      2. Let’s try this:

        I hope these are the right ones! Let me know if anything needs changing, and I’ll correct it.

        Thanks so much for the positive feedback, Suzette! I love how this went over, so there will definitely be more. As for tonight, as of right now, I have no plans…but like many things, that is subject to change. Right now, it looks like a quiet night.

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      3. OK let’s try those and see what happens lol…I am game lol…I appreciate you and your help my friend…
        I looked on your blog but didn’t see anything just yet…But I will check again…
        I am so glad to hear that you are doing this again…☻ such a great idea and fun…
        I hear ya T. Wayne…you never know what the night will turn up…or what we say here while in the car driving around our lil town we say you never know what a lap will turn up lol…but same here I think it’s gonna be a quiet one here as well…maybe watch some of the musik shows and lil snacks ….2017 the best year for all…


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