80’s Mania Mondays: She Left Without A Warning

After a two-week break, 80’s Mania Mondays have returned for the new year. For inspiration for this week’s song, I went back to my playlist of songs that were released my senior year of high school. I wrote about that list and the work involved in creating it in this post. I didn’t have to go very far; in fact, today’s song is the very first one on the playlist. It also happens to be the first single release from one of the biggest albums of the 1980s.

Today’s song is “Heart And Soul” by Huey Lewis And The News.

One of the more notable facts about this song is that the hit version by Huey Lewis And The News is the third recorded version of the tune. It was first done by Exile (“Kiss You All Over”) in a version that didn’t even make the Hot 100, aka Billboard’s pop chart. A second version was done by the Bus Boys (“The Boys Are Back In Town” from the movie 48 Hrs.) in 1982, but never released as a single. By the time Huey Lewis And The News got to the song, it was their debut single from their mega-platinum successful album, Sports. The song got the ball rolling for the album, becoming the first of four top ten singles from the set, with a fifth single making the pop top 20.

I was more familiar with this version of the song over the other two; though I became aware of the Bus Boys version in college. I had never heard Exile’s original version until I started writing this post. As far as that senior year of high school, the band would have three singles featured on that playlist: this one, “I Want A New Drug,” and “The Heart Of Rock And Roll.” But the one that started it off and began the band’s climb into the stratosphere was this one. The band is still together and touring a few dates each year, though a few of the original members have departed the group. For a time from 1983 through the end of the decade, the band was one of the hottest acts in pop music.

I hope you enjoy “Heart And Soul,” the first 80’s Mania Monday song of the new year. As always, thanks for listening and reading.


21 Replies to “80’s Mania Mondays: She Left Without A Warning”

  1. Great one to start the new year! I loved that album. They seemed like a “fun” band…guys you’d want to hang out with. I didn’t know Exile had the song first. Interesting….

    And on a side note…one of my favorite videos of all time is “I Want a Nee Drug”. That scene where he dunks his face in a sink of ice is classic!

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    1. Hi there! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!

      Thanks for the kind words! Sports was a great album, full of catchy songs! This just happened to be the first of those to get on the radio. I could’ve easily chosen “I Want A New Drug” though-it may be the most memorable of all the songs from that album. Judging from some of the comments, it definitely resonated with a few people.

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  2. I loved I Want a New Drug. Heart & Soul brought back some fun college memories, T.Wayne. I didn’t know about the previous versions. I remember the Bus Boys from their old SNL visits. What a way to kick of 2017! Crank the iPod to 11!

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      1. No worries…I read “of” as “off” anyway! LOL

        Funny story (or maybe not): I was with some friends over the weekend and we somehow started watching Eddie Murphy’s Delirious. Of course, the Bus Boys were featured. At that point, I had no idea I would be writing about a song the Bus Boys had performed that wasn’t “Boys Are Back In Town.”

        Ok, maybe that was more “Synchronicity” than humorous.

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  3. No hell you didn’t!
    Twin, I keep chastising you because you keep “doing” it!
    Once again, you DID that!

    I absolutely LOVED this jam! This one and “If this is it.”
    I liked a lot of their songs though.
    Keep bringing back good memories with these posts!
    2017 takes us that much farther away from those days.

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