For You I’ll Do Anything #RomanticTuesday

It’s hard to say that Stephanie Mills was underrated during her prime. After all, she had some measure of fame seemingly since her early childhood. Singing gospel at the Cornerstone Baptist Church in her hometown of Brooklyn as a child. Appearing on Broadway in Maggie Flynn at age 9. Signing her first recording contract at age 16. Appearing in The Wiz on Broadway as Dorothy, where she gained her largest measure of fame up to that point. Just two years after leaving the Broadway show, she would begin having hits on the R&B charts. Yet I always thought that somehow, she never got her just due as an R&B singer.

Today’s #RomanticTuesday song was not one of her hits, unless you count the many spins the song received on Quiet Storm radio shows over the years. A couple years ago, not long after I moved to my current residence, I listened to the Quiet Storm on WHUR-FM out of Washington, DC. That night I heard today’s song—for the first time in a long time. And it made me think of how much I loved Stephanie Mills back in those days.

There are a bunch of songs entitled “You And I”, and I’ll bet that any of them could have fit in a #RomanticTuesday post. I chose this one because I love Mills’ voice, and having heard her sing a few years ago and appearing as Aunt Em in NBC’s televised version of The Wiz from a couple years ago, she still sounds good. Mostly, though I chose this one because I love this song. I’ll hum it long after it has finished playing. Stevie Wonder’s “You And I” may be more beloved, but I like this one just as much.

Enjoy “You And I,” and as always, thanks for reading and listening.


9 Replies to “For You I’ll Do Anything #RomanticTuesday”

  1. This brought back some memories. As I was listening to it,I was immediately transported right back to 1979. I remember hearing this on WARM 103 when they had their late night adult contemporary playlists. Funny how a song does that to you. Thanks for sharing, Stephanie’s greatness with us, T. Wayne!

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