Funky Friday: Earth, Hot Air And No Fire

The title refers to the famous (or infamous) diss made by George Clinton and Funkadelic to Earth, Wind & Fire on the song “Let’s Take It To The Stage.” Never mind the fact that EW&F had just as much funk as the P. Funk Mob—they just used theirs in another direction. It also wasn’t as if Funkadelic and Clinton only took shots at EW&F either; Kool & The Gang, James Brown, Sly & The Family Stone and Rufus all got whacked in that song.

This particular Funky Friday, I’ve picked out of few of my favorite Earth, Wind & Fire funk songs. You aren’t going to find “September,” or “Let’s Groove,” or “Got To Get You Into My Life,” or even “Boogie Wonderland” here. Not that I have anything against any of those songs: I love them all. But I want what Earth, Wind & Fire did with their version of funk. Or at least my interpretation of the same.

There is no need for me to wax rhapsodic about this band, or what they mean to me; I’ve done it plenty of times already on this blog. So sit back, or get up, or do whatever you’ve got to do (yeah, “Do It” was last week). I’m just going to put the songs here. Some of them were hits; others of them were not, but they all (with one surprise at the end) were funky in my mind. I’ll leave any further comments up to you. Enjoy the songs, and as always, thanks for reading and listening.

For Maurice White. Almost a year gone now, still way too soon. RIP.

23 Replies to “Funky Friday: Earth, Hot Air And No Fire”

  1. RIP Maurice! I have always loved EWF! Serpentine Fire brings the roof off the joint, doesn’t it? You are right, they used the funk in a different way but they had plenty of it. Although this is Funky Friday & this is a slow jam groove, I always loved, That’s the Way of the World. The rhythm guitar gets me every time. Happy Friday, T. Wayne!

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    1. Love “That’s The Way Of The World”! It may well be one of, if not the, signature song for the group. Funny you mention “Serpentine Fire”; I had my list all set and noticed that I had forgotten it! Quickly added it to the playlist!

      Funk had many different directions in those days; I wish it would come back to a place of prominence now, but most of what I hear in R&B today has wholly consumed hip-hop; or vice-versa. Not to mention, where are the bands? They are few and far between.

      I did have a Happy Friday, hope yours was a good one as well!

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    1. I know…I realized it when I started writing. That would mean that it’s pretty close to a year for Glenn Frey and over one for David Bowie. Not that I really want to re-live how 2016 went.

      Thanks! Glad you could get down with this.

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    1. They do, Lisa…if I were doing a list of my favorites, this would be a three part post! Maybe longer!

      I just thought it funny that Funkadelic and Clinton would call them out in a song, even if they were only joking. Even he knew that Earth, Wind & Fire were one of the great bands going; though at that time they were just beginning to become big.

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      1. Could have been—EW&F were certainly courting, and receiving love from a broad-based audience, whereas Funkadelic and Clinton were pretty much an R&B phenomenon. Funkadelic did eventually gain some love from the “rock” press; as the funk band that could play rock music.

        Truly they both were great bands, they just did things differently.

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    1. Earth, Wind & Fire were my favorite band growing up. Back when I had vinyl LP’s, I think I had just about every one they ever released (save for maybe the really early ones, before the band became superstars). I can remember once staying up on a school night to hear one of their latest albums (it might have been I Am, but I’m not sure) to hear a radio station play the whole thing at midnight! Such was my devotion in those days…and I’m sure I paid for it at school the next day!

      Truly they have so many good songs! I just focused on a subset of those. Glad you liked this one, Paula!


  2. I prolly would have closed the page if you have chosen any of the songs that you opted NOT to choose!
    Too prosaic….especially for a person of your musical knowledge 🙂
    My Twin! YAAASSSS!
    Did he give us some meat?
    You better KNOW he did! LOL!!!
    For me, it’s “Love goes on” and “Sun Goddess” and “I wanna be with you” on and on…
    These aren’t funk jams but I love them.
    Excellent post Twin!

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    1. “Sun Goddess” I thought about including, but then decided against it because 1) It’s Ramsey Lewis’ song and 2) I thought they had way funkier songs that that one. Plus, I tend to look at that one as more of a “jazzy” type of song than a funk one.

      Like Suzette said above, I don’t think they ever had a bad song, but some of them I liked better than others. Not to mention, they created music in so many styles. As I mentioned to our buddy Lisa above, if I were doing my faves, it could easily be a three-part post, or longer. The hold they have on me is very strong, as I grew up loving them and listening to their albums a ton.

      The songs you chose are good ones, nay, great ones! Just didn’t fit the post this time. I actually used “Sun Goddess” on my Maurice tribute post last year, but you probably already know that.

      Thanks for the compliment, and I always appreciate your support!

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