New Music: Finally

What does it say about the current state of R&B that when you go looking for a song by a male or female group, the new music you find is from a pair of groups who became famous over twenty years ago? In addition to that, bands—once the lifeblood of R&B, are just as scarce to find in what would be considered the mainstream.

I expect I’ll write something about the lack of bands in another post, but today I have a new song by Bell Biv DeVoe, featuring SWV. The song is called “Finally,” and is going to be included on BBD’s new album, called Three Stripes. It’s pleasant enough, just enough to remind one of their 90s glories, but doesn’t move the needle for me all that much. Your mileage may vary though.

In reading an article recently that gave 8 reasons for R&B’s demise, one of those listed was that R&B and hip-hop now are pretty much one and the same. Listening to those “hip-hop and R&B stations” and the songs they play, that is pretty much the case. If you are looking for R&B like you used to hear years ago, you’ll have to go to the “adult, urban contemporary” stations that cater to older folks.

For Bell Biv DeVoe, it marks a return after years away. I would imagine, as members of New Edition, they are hoping some of the nostalgia that will be generated from the upcoming BET miniseries on that group will generate some interest in their new music. SWV has released a couple albums in the last few years; they have been received well and are solid efforts, even as they don’t generate the same buzz as they used to. Check out their new single and see what you think. As always, thanks for reading and listening.

21 Replies to “New Music: Finally”

  1. I have to say at the beginning of the song the music reminded me of old Motown or Staxx sound. Then as the vocals kicked in it became another cookie cutter R&B song. Kudos to both groups for staying current & keeping up with the times.

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    1. It’s professionally, competently done. No more, no less. Like I said in the post, maybe that New Edition nostalgia factor may help kick in some sales. But I’m not waiting excitedly for this Bell Biv DeVoe album to drop, based on the two singles I’ve heard so far.

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  2. Meh … What is it?? They have beautiful voices … always have … theres just … something … missing … Conviction? Youth? OR Is it the interjection of over-commercialisation and desperation possibly 😉
    Won’t be putting it on the playlist … but will put it on the ‘info’ list … entitled ‘the comedown’ 😉

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    1. The first word in your comment pretty much says it all for this one! A lot of what you have written can be heard in this, depending on how one approaches the song.

      This is actually the second song from Bell Biv DeVoe that I have heard recently, and I wasn’t thrilled with either one.

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      1. Yeah, I was sort of disappointed because both of these groups use to be some of my favs back in the day … it doesn’t really make you want to listen to the entire album … at all. I think I’ll stick with the old school 😉

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      2. Yeah thats what I wondered .. but its pretty hard to do that .. they were trailblazers in their day. Mind due, its a trend with a lot of the R&B I think … I’m hard pressed to find any ‘new’ R&B I like … just as well we’ve lived through the era of awesome R&B and have a whole heap to choose from 😉

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  3. “If you are looking for R&B like you used to hear years ago, you’ll have to go to the “adult, urban contemporary” stations that cater to older folks.”

    Wow…I never really thought about it like that but this is so true.

    As for the song..
    It took too damn long to come on for me..I got bored.

    Thanks for the intro though 🙂

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