Smooth Jazz Sunday: Watching The Sun Set

I suppose today’s Smooth Jazz Sunday song would be better served over at Chevvy’s Studio for a “Sunday Coming Down” post. Given the title of the song, that is the very first thing I thought about. But, me being me, I’m going to use it for my Sunday morning post anyway.

Today’s song is “Watching The Sun Set,” and it is by Jeff Lorber. Lorber is a veteran in the smooth jazz world, having released his first album in 1977. His roots were in R&B, as he started out playing in R&B bands before falling in love with jazz while going to the Berklee College of Music. He released his first five albums under the group name of the Jeff Lorber Fusion, which played music in the style inspired by Weather Report, Herbie Hancock and others in the genre. During the 1980s, he went solo, and his albums began to veer more fully in an R&B direction. His albums also began to incorporate more vocals, culminating in his biggest hit “Facts Of Love,” which featured Karyn White on the lead. None other than Clive Davis came to Lorber after that hit and suggested that his albums needed more vocals on them. Lorber didn’t feel the same way. His music began tracking back toward jazz, with only occasional vocals.

By the time he released the album Midnight in 1998, his sound had gone full circle. The instruments he used on his debut had come back into vogue—the Fender Rhodes piano and Hammond B-3 organ. Today’s track is taken from that album, and to me it sounds just as good in the early morning as it would at the end of the day. Unfortunately, here where I am there isn’t any sun scheduled to shine today; gray skies and rain are in the forecast, and will continue to be tomorrow as well. At least the song will allow me to imagine watching a sunset.

Enjoy “Watching The Sun Set” by Jeff Lorber, and as always thank you for reading and listening.


28 Replies to “Smooth Jazz Sunday: Watching The Sun Set”

  1. Oh my friend, my ears are burning today. Thank you for the mention. I agree this song will do just as well for a morning groove or Sunset. It’s lovely and mellow. Of course everyone is welcome to join me later for my Sunday coming down post which is just over an hour away for me. Of course the Sun is shining gloriously here in SA. Since you mentioned grey skies in your neighborhood I’m sharing a version of the song that will help bring the sun out. Have a great day Tracy! 😊

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    1. Thanks, Chevvy! I woke up to fog, but it hasn’t started raining yet.

      Of course your Sunday Coming Down was first on my mind with a song about the sun setting. I hope yours is gorgeous :). I will gladly come and see what you will have for us today!

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    1. You’re welcome. I hope this one helps in your quest to find out more about jazz and classical music. There are a wealth of good songs to be found, both in what is called “smooth jazz” and in traditional jazz.

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      1. I’m more versed in jazz than classical, and even then there’s plenty I probably have missed. For traditional jazz, Miles Davis or Wynton Marsalis is a good place to start. For music like the song I featured today, Grover Washington, Jr., and George Duke were introduced to me by my older cousin when I was young. David Sanborn I started listening to in college. Try the album Double Vision by David Sanborn and Bob James too; it remains one of my favorites to this day.

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  2. A little sun here and a record high for January–60 degrees! I’ve got laundry on the clothesline–hee hee. Rain is in the forecast later, but maybe a pretty sunset will grace the sky first. A lovely piece, T Wayne. After four failed years of piano lessons, I hold in high regard anyone who can play so smoothly and with such feeling. This reminds me a bit of Kenny G? Have a great Sun-day. 🙂

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