It’s Important To Me #RomanticTuesday

One song, three ways is back. The original of today’s song was actually first written and performed back in the 1960’s. It was remade by the songwriter and is his biggest solo hit. A couple years after that release, it was covered by one of the  great R&B bands of the 1970s, who covered quite a few rock classics during the decade. Finally, in the 1990s, a beloved duo covered the song and is one of the favorite tracks from their only album.

The song is “Hello It’s Me,” written by Todd Rundgren and it is my choice for this #RomanticTuesday.

Love isn’t always sunshine and rainbows; as we all know, love is rather complex. This song may not be in the the “happily ever after” camp of songs; after all, the story is of two people who love each other very much, but for whatever reason can’t or won’t be together. The line everyone knows is “I never want to make you change for me,” which to me says that the narrator would rather his partner didn’t change in order to be with him.

Rundgren wrote the song for his band Nazz, which recorded it first, but he remade it for his classic album Something/Anything? in 1972. He was basically a one-man band, as he played, wrote, sang, produced and engineered three full sides of the double album. It does sound like he had a little bit of help on this track though, but it doesn’t lessen how good it is.

By 1974, the Isley Brothers had begun their 3 + 3 era, with the three oldest brothers joining forces with two younger brothers and a brother-in-law. They took a crack at Rundgren’s song, and I would venture to say that group, as well as lead singer Ronald Isley became Quiet Storm favorites with their version. This is another in their series of covers of rock and pop hits that they performed in the early 70s.

In 1996, the duo Groove Theory (Amel Larrieux and Bryce Wilson) introduced the song to a new generation of R&B fans. Their version leans heavily on the Isley Brothers interpretation, though it is interesting to hear the song sung from a female perspective.

Of the three, as much as I like Rundgren’s original, it’s the Isley Brothers that I like the best. I actually like all three versions; there isn’t a bad one anywhere. I can’t rightly put Groove Theory’s version over the Isley Brothers, since it borrows so much of the structure of their cover.

Do you like any of these over the others? Or do you just like the song? No matter which one you like, I thank you for reading and listening.

52 Replies to “It’s Important To Me #RomanticTuesday”

      1. It’s not sad! It’s wistful! Kinda like “Hot fun in the summertime :)”
        Either way, it does have a haunting undertone but I love this jam!
        I actually like Todd’s original version just as much as the Isley’s remake 🙂

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  1. You are right about Groove Theory, T.Wayne. They basically redid the Isley Brothers version except with a female lead singer. I love Todd’s version but I also love how soulful it sounds when done by the bros. For an interesting twist, Paul Giamatti does a great cover of this tune in the movie, Duets. Another great choice from the way back machine.

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  2. I like the original one. The second one is alright too but I don’t care for the third one. I haven’t heard this song since I don’t remember when! I remember it on the radio years ago. Thanks for sharing it, Tracy!

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      1. I get it, I want me to stay as sweet as I am and not change to much ha!ha! I’ll try. Yes – Ronald is the man but you know that I’m a sucker for those Falsetto voices. When I was doing my Sunday Coming down, I pondered including the group “Blue Magic” Do you know them? The song I wanted to post is called “The Magic is real”
        But here’s another song displaying how they hit the high notes:

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  3. Don’t get me started on the Quiet Storm list, I would stat here all day and night – that’s a great song. There’s something about those high notes that knocks me off my feet. I’m leaving another song for the road and then I better get out of here before I overstay my welcome.😀

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    1. Ah! Baltimore’s own Softones!! How about that!! I used to always hear this one, it was one of those “turntable” hits:

      You can stay as long as you like! There’s no “overstaying” your welcome here!

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      1. Oh yeah! This one’s great too. And how cool is that, they are from Baltimore! You know some of this music was introduced to me in the 80s when I moved cities and discovered that people were listening to music that I hadn’t heard before. Another favourite of mine was Laundromat.
        I’ve made a note on my Sunday coming down page to compile a playlist of these songs we put together. One day it will remind us of the Grown up and Sexy group LOL!

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