New Music: The British Collective

Back in my post about the best albums I heard in 2016, I mentioned an album by The British Collective that I had just heard about right at the end of the year. I didn’t have time to listen to it then; but I have listened to it since then. Let me tell you that I absolutely love it. I’m going to feature a few songs from this album today under the New Music post; because even though the album was released back in September, it is new music to me.

The British Collective was formed out of a song from R&B singer Don-E’s album track “Spiritual,” which I featured in this post. That track contained a “who’s who” of British R&B male singing royalty: guys like Omar (Lye-Fook), Noel McKoy, Carl McIntosh from Loose Ends, Leee John from Imagination, Junior (Giscombe), Paul Johnson and Rick Clarke. That song was well-received, and the participants agreed to get together and decided to make more music. The resulting album, Vol. 1: The Renaissance Begins, is a throwback that isn’t really a throwback. It’s music from guys who had hits a generation ago, but it has a fresh, contemporary sound.

Though “Spiritual” was made in 2013, it took three years for this project to be released. I’ll tell you it was worth the wait. I was going to only feature the first track from the album, “Piece Of Heaven,” but I have come up with a few more that stood out for me. The first single from the project, “Romantic” is also up there as a favorite, as is the smooth ballad “Love Me Tonight,” and the album closer “Doctor Love” (not a cover of the disco classic by First Choice). Since I couldn’t pick between those four, they all go in this post.

First up is “Piece Of Heaven,” which picks up where “Spiritual” left off. It’s a wonderful uptempo groove and immediately shows that the guys are in fine vocal form.

Next up, “Romantic” which makes a great introduction to the guys. A head-nodder with a great chorus.

Next up, the beat ballad “Love Me Tonight”:

Finally, “Doctor Love” with it’s awesome blend of voices and those great harmony background vocals:

There’s a term among those of us in the Gen X generation that this type of music is for the “grown and sexy,” meaning that it’s for adults who remember what that classic R&B that we grew up with sounds like. This album is definitely in my sweet spot. I’ve been playing it frequently, with those four songs the focus, but all of it sounds great. Makes me wish some singers on this side of the Atlantic could come with something this good. It also makes me hope that this doesn’t end with Volume 1.

For those who might be interested, here’s a documentary with the featured princpals where they discuss how they came together and their plans for the music.

Hope you enjoy today’s new music, and thanks for reading and listening.

23 Replies to “New Music: The British Collective”

  1. Love Me Tonight’s intro reminded me of George Benson with the guitar sound. The R&B is enjoyable because singers were actually using their voices & it wasn’t autotuned & drowned out by 808 drums or featuring thousands of guest artists. Nice choices, T.Wayne.

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  2. I would urge anyone who has not listened to “Spiritual” to listen to it because it is a beast.
    My Twin’s post on that jam included two versions of the song and both are equally boss! It just depends on your mood!
    Did I get that right Twin?
    Anyway, the rest of these are FIRE! I can see why you included them all.
    “Piece of Heaven”—“So high” YAASSSS!
    “Romantic”— A summer groove for your ride!
    “Love me tonight”—YAAASSS…just YAAASSS!
    “Doctor Love:”—The harmonies…..You know I dig that!

    So, I’ve seen part of the documentary but didn’t have time to view the whole thing–but I will be going back!
    I hollered when Junior Giscombe was talking about the ubiquitousness of “Imagination!”

    Wonderful post Twin! Thanks for sharing these tunes!

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    1. Yes, Twin you have it exactly right!

      The album is really good. If I have one small quibble, is that it is a little too long; fourteen tracks and seventy minutes of music. Then again, it’s good to hear these guys together and they all sound great. So maybe seventy minutes and fourteen songs isn’t enough?!?

      Either way, it is a very enjoyable listen. And it’s not like today’s singers, being very explicit and straight to the point. There is romance here; classically done. My mother even liked a few of the songs she got to hear last night when I drove her around for her errands. That’s when you know it’s good.


  3. I agree with the “grown and sexy” assessment, just means we are mature enough to recall the oldies but goodies and appreciate their revival in the here and now. All gorgeous songs, those silky voices dancing on that bassline…. Mmmm hmmmm. 🙂


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