You Play The Songs Two

Once again, it’s time to play You Play The Songs. If you weren’t here last month when this post debuted or you’ve forgotten how it goes, I’ll tell you all about it. We’re making a mixtape of songs, based on whatever you’re feeling, whatever mood you’re in, or whatever whatever. Doesn’t matter whether it’s an original or a remake, fast or slow, happy or sad. It also does not matter what genre or style you pick. Just find your song or songs, and leave them in a comment.

Here’s what you do: go to YouTube and find your song. When you find the video you want to share, click Share. When you see Share, Embed, Email, click on Embed. Copy the code that shows underneath where you clicked and paste it in your comment. Real simple, isn’t it? Feel free to say a few words about your song: why you picked it, what it means to you, etc.

Since this is usually Funky Friday here, I thought I’d kick things off with some new(er) school funkiness, courtesy of The Brand New Heavies and their most prominent lead singer, N’Dea Davenport. Rather than give you guys one song, I’ll give you four—yes, that’s right, four—to get y’all started.

First, their remake of Stevie Wonder’s (yes, the Jackson 5 sung it too) I Don’t Know Why (I Love You):

Next, “Addicted”:

Next, “Keep It Coming”:

And finally, we’ll do some jazzy-funk with “Stay This Way”:

They came out in the early 90s here; a band seemingly out of time. With a sound that definitely stood out among all the New Jack Swing clones, they probably belonged in the 1970s. But they had a definite sense of groove, and a charismatic lead singer in Davenport.

Now it’s your turn. Show me what you got! I can’t wait to see what you drop in the comments.

34 Replies to “You Play The Songs Two”

  1. First let me start by saying I love this concept of sharing music.
    Anywho, I chose this song really for the video. I love the dancing and the idea, like if I were an artist I’d want to make a video like this. To me it’s just hot. The song is nice too. I’m feeling myself a little today because I was blessed with favor yesterday. Hope everyone enjoys it!

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      1. Thanks hope you do as well!..can we skate sound cloud too? There are some local artists I’d like to share but some of the songs are only on sound cloud

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      2. It worked! I like the song too. Sorry for the late post it’s been a crazy day. But here’s my second song. My theme for the evening sort of lol. Work hard play hard. This is an artist I’ve actually featured on my blog, the song is called Hangover. Enjoy!

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      3. That’s pretty good. Your theme for the evening, hmmm? Thanks for sharing. Guess we both found out that we can embed Soundcloud music in our comments too. I’ll included that in the instructions for the next You Play The Songs.


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  2. Oh I like this – since your jams set the tone for dancing, I thought I’d stick with it. This is my favourite song at the moment, since it’s Friday, I can get onto the table and dance. Showcasing my homeboy, DJ Coffee who does this remix with Alicia Keys. You’re welcome to dance with me – haha!

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      1. Yes I did – now you see, as the song says: “We have way too much in common” haha.
        As for the tables, that’s just dreaming of what I might have done in my younger says. For now I’ll have to do “chair dancing” as I’ve seen you make reference to. I liked the original too when I first heard it but when I heard the Re-mix, I was sold!😀

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    1. Thanks, Twin for bringing the funk on this Friday! Ohio Players yes! Cameo, yes! Twice no less! Aaron Mills done busted up those bass strings on Cameosis! YASSS…

      And with the nice rendition by Billy Preston of the George Harrison classic to finish! Well done! Applause!

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  3. So many good tunes here, T.Wayne! I haven’t thought of The Brand New Heavies in awhile. Ms.Me, Lisa & Lady G all had some great selections. Speaking of the Ohio Players did you know there is a cat on Twitter that is doing a movie about them? He is a connection of mine & I thought you might be interested in what he’s doing? I don’t know about a guest blog or something but I know since you are a big funk fan…. terrific post as always.

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  4. First off, glad I found your blog. Music has always been such a big part of my life. Nice to share and also hear what others may be listening to and discover stuff I haven’t heard. I love Devo and ‘gates of steel’ is up there on my favorites list. I always bought cassettes as a kid because the convenience of them, fortunately the record store I frequent had someone drop off 10 Devo albums so I had to take advantage of that.

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