Love is in the air!!!

If you need a Quiet Storm soundtrack for your Valentine’s Day, or even if you just want some idea of what a Quiet Storm radio show would sound like, you need…let me repeat…you NEED to get over to Chevvy’s Studio and read this post, but especially the comments. Best part, you can join in with your romantic favorites. Don’t let Chevvy, Lady G and I have all the fun!

I am taking comments here, but they would be better served at Chevvy’s post.

4 Replies to “Love is in the air!!!”

  1. Thanks T. I’m just repeating what I said on my blog. The three of us had such fun compiling our favourites, we’d like everyone to please join in the fun. Whatever song would be that special love song to woo that lady or gent with – toss it in to the compilation. Best. Chevvy.

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