Smooth Jazz Sunday: Sunday Morning

I’m up early on Sunday morning, to write about “Sunday Morning” by Euge Groove. I suppose I couldn’t get a more appropriate song, at least title-wise, for today’s Smooth Jazz Sunday song.

Former Tower of Power horn man Steven Eugene Grove, had become something of a smooth jazz favorite by the time of the release of his Sunday Morning album, his sixth as an artist. This album, his first for Shanachie Records, was another success, just like the first five. This song in particular feels perfect for the day. It has a hint of a church hymn in part of the saxophone line on the chorus. And as I sit here early today, it just feels as appropriate as the title.

Euge Groove is no stranger to Smooth Jazz Sunday as he has previously been featured with “Push It Forward.” His song “Get ‘Em Goin'” was also featured when the Sunday song was the Instrumental Morning Groove. This song feels more like the former tune than the latter, which was a funky throwback to an earlier era. Yet, it is differentiated from “Push It Forward” by it’s easy, breezy feel.

Here’s hoping “Sunday Morning” is good for your Sunday morning. And as always, thanks for reading and listening.

10 Replies to “Smooth Jazz Sunday: Sunday Morning”

  1. Yes,very aptly named song for your Sunday morning and a delicious image to go with it. Nice and easy on the ear. Hope you’re having a good morning. I’ve got Euge Groove on my list for my “Sunday coming down” post later today.

    Hey I’m am Music-ed out now Brah! I’ll be happy to sit back for the rest of the week and just enjoy the banter.😀

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  2. Love the latte pic, T. Wayne! You can definitely hear Tower of Power in there. I was going to remark about how the sax & horns sounded like singers harmonizing. You beat me to the punch. Smooth, groovy, satisfying & rich! Exactly what I want on an easy, breezy, Sunday!

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