I Like The Way You Do It When You Do It

Last year at this blog, I spent the days leading up to and through Valentine’s Day writing about love…my hope for love, my worry that love in this country was in short supply, love, love, love. This year, I spent the few days around and up to V-Day posting classic R&B slow jams and Quiet Storm favorites here and here. I even decided to post a couple myself and try my hand at radio announcing, along with the esteemed Lady G from the Seekthebestblog.

It was a fabulous time. But like most things, it had to end at some point. I mean, every Quiet Storm show ended, usually around midnight. Then the graveyard shift DJ would come on, and if by some foolish reason (foolish in those days, because I usually had school the next day) I would happen to be listening, there would be more soft smooth grooves being played. But even then, that too would end, and then it would be time for the morning show.

I liked the Quiet Storm. I liked the graveyard shift show, even though I would fall asleep in the middle of it most (probably all) of the time. But I also like when the morning comes and something like today’s groove can kick things off in a major way.

After all that slow-jammin’ and Valentine love song playing, we got to get down, amirite?

I don’t know if Rufus and Chaka Khan had any kind of doctoral degrees, but this song is the prescription for whatever ails you. Check out “Once You Get Started,” and tell me how you feel afterward.

Chaka Khan was all of 21 years old when this song was made. Rufus at this point had been semi-remade, when three original members basically quit the band in the middle of recording the album Rags To Rufus, which preceded Rufusized (which contained today’s song). Al Ciner, Dennis Belfield and Ron Stockert excused themselves, primarily because record company interference wanted them to sing less and Chaka to sing more. Or at least, that was one story I heard years ago. Well, we all know how that turned out. New members Tony Maiden and Bobby Watson joined in on guitar and bass with holdovers Kevin Murphy on keyboards and drummer Andre Fischer and the band began to kick off.

Starting off 1975, this song announced that the re-tweaked Rufus (now known and Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan) was going to hit the ground running and not look back. For the next three years, they were one of R&B best-loved bands, with a fireball of a lead singer who could lay waste to any type of song you threw at her.  Please enjoy “Once You Get Started,” and as always, thanks for reading and listening.

37 Replies to “I Like The Way You Do It When You Do It”

  1. I call these aftershocks Tracy, it was so good, you didn’t want it to end. So what happens when you have a hangover or a (babalaas) as we call it ? – You go looking for a cure. I have no experience, just seen it with my brothers. Well you’ve chosen a good one to get out of the slow lane and I’m going to add to the list shortly. But before that, I just wanted to say that I was a Quiet Storm fan too and we had some trademark DJs on our radio stations who killed us with some of those slo mo songs we’ve been playing. I was educated by them on the Phyllis Hymans, Oleta Adams, Sades, Peabo Brysons and Luthers of this world. Sadly one of those great DJs passed on last year and the nation mourned him because he was that good. But as you say, things gotta end sometimes and start all over again. So here’s an addition to the morning groove that I’m certainly willing to “chair dance” do. Enjoy!!

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    1. You’ve made an excellent choice for your chair-dance Chevvy! That song can still bring folks out to dance!

      And yes, our collaboration was fantastic! It was hard to let go, but let go I needed to. Even as it has potential as an recurring type of post, whether tied to Valentine’s Day, or just randomly popping up. Of course, the three of us don’t need an excuse to play those songs at any time throughout any given time period…we just play what makes us feel good.

      Today I just wanted something that would make you move and groove real smooth…and Chaka Khan on any track just works.

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      1. It was a great song and post on Chaka Khan. I hadn’t heard that song before and when I listened to it, this song just popped into my head and yeah I was at least chair dancing. As for further collaborations, what I’ve enjoyed about them is that they’re spontaneous and as the spirit moves you. It’s not always that way in real life..
        By the way, when I was reading about your fascination about the quiet storm, I could visualise it all – you’re a good writer!

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      2. Thank you Chevvy. You are a good writer yourself. Funny part that I left out of that post – I used to only like fast songs growing up. Once I started listening to the Quiet Storm, and started to understand what the singers were talking about, that’s when I got hooked on it.

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      3. In my case, I grew up initially on pop music mostly. I think it was only in high school when I started listening to a station called Radia Bop (tagline-a station with a mind of its own) apt in its breakaway from pop music – that I started listening to the music we share. You might remember me asking you about those very old Luther songs because, I used to hear them played every night and those songs in particular make me feel so nostalgic.

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  2. Shoot Twin, you ain’t never lied! Chaka makes you want to get on down!
    But I will admit that when I saw the lyric in the title, I went to this for some reason:

    Also, there was another jam back then that went “Like the way…like the way you move me…” but I can’t place it, it had a Narada Walden kinda vibe to it.

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      1. No doubt! No doubt!
        Which reminds me, did you know that Mother responded to you on her last blot’s comments over in my neck of the woods.?
        I haven’t checked to see if you read it or not but I thought I might mention it.

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    1. Trying like hell to figure out what song you are talking about…it’s like I can hear the line, but can’t remember the song!

      I’m gonna need you to hum a few bars!

      Seriously, Twin, I was totally distracted by the Young & Company song you put in the post. Good times! Not to mention the Soul Train footage playing in the video…

      As for Chaka, she could bring that fire when she wanted to. Getting on down to this one is as natural as breathing!

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      1. Definitely! As we speak, I am searching the rims of said black hole LOL!
        I think my first experience with Chaka was ‘Beat Street’, and thereafter, I was sold πŸ™‚

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