You Play The Songs Three

Once again, it’s time to play You Play The Songs. If you weren’t here last month for the last edition or you’ve forgotten how it goes, I’ll tell you all about it. We’re making a mixtape of songs, based on whatever you’re feeling, whatever mood you’re in, or whatever whatever. Doesn’t matter whether it’s an original or a remake, fast or slow, happy or sad. It also does not matter what genre or style you pick. Just find your song or songs, and leave them in a comment.

Here’s what you do: go to YouTube and find your song. When you find the video you want to share, click Share. When you see Share, Embed, Email, click on Embed (though I understand that share works as well). Copy the code that shows underneath where you clicked and paste it in your comment. You can also do the same if the song is on Soundcloud. Click Share on your Soundcloud song, choose Embed, click the box that says WordPress code, copy and paste the code into your comment. Real simple, isn’t it? Feel free to say a few words about your song: why you picked it, what it means to you, etc.

This month, I’m going to be all over the place. My first song is a dance classic that was included on the Breakin’ movie soundtrack. Last week on my Funky Friday post about the boom box, one of the songs featured in the comments was the theme from the movie, “There’s No Stoppin’ Us” by Ollie & Jerry. That song got me thinking about carrying the boom box around and watching people breakdance and pop-lock. I was more a pop-lock kid myself, but I liked watching the breakers too. I’m sure this song by Hot Streak called “Body Work” figured into a lot of breakdance sessions.

The next two songs feature one of my teenage crushes, Linda Clifford. Clifford was something of a disco queen, having hits from 1977 to the early 1980s, most of which were favorites on the dance charts. Many of those songs were played on the R&B stations back in the day as well. This first one was a dance hit, which was produced by none other than Isaac Hayes. Here’s “Shoot Your Best Shot” from 1980.

The year before “Shoot Your Best Shot” was released, Clifford released a duet album with Curtis Mayfield. The biggest hit from that album was a romantic song called “Between You Baby And Me.” It is a favorite of mine and I can’t imagine how I left this off the Love Is In The Air playlist from Valentine’s Day weekend. Here’s something to enjoy when you want to slow the pace down a bit.

So drop your songs in the comments. Let’s make this a mixtape to remember! Thanks so much for reading, listening, and hopefully participating!

21 Replies to “You Play The Songs Three”

  1. I like your third song best. It’s late Friday afternoon and if I match the busy week with the overcast weather outside then mine is slow groove for just chilling. These are my contributions into the mix. Enjoy your weekend Tracy!

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    1. Thanks Chevvy. As it happens, the duet with Linda Clifford and Curtis Mayfield is the best of the three for sure, and it is one of my favorites.

      Your two songs are great ones as well. The Gary Taylor song is one I really like. Thanks for contributing to the mixtape.

      Because I like Gary Taylor so much, I think I’ll put this one in the mixtape:

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      1. Yes, it still amazes me how someone so far away could know and share all this great music. I only know of one other person who shares this knowledge and passion to the same measure. I’m talking specifically about, Miles,Gary, Rachelle, Maysa, Will, Phyllis and many others we’ve shared. Including this one you played the other day which you could add to your collection:

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  2. I used to love “There’s no stopping us.”
    But in the movie, ‘Breakin’, I hollered when the group opposing Turbo and Ozone pulled that little pretty Latina girl out the back and home girl came out slaying!!!! YAAASSSSS!
    Good stuff!

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      1. I knew just a little of her and her music before I dived in head-first in recent days. I’ve been completely floored by how much she influenced not only gospel, but R&B & rock & roll, too. She’s the godmother of all of them! And her music sounds of her era but also feels completely fresh and relevant today.

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  3. I wish I could post the video, but the song that I can’t stop playing is Trivium’s “Dead & Gone”, it’s such a great song. Hail to the shoguns.


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