Smooth Jazz Sunday: The Sunday Mix

This Smooth Jazz Sunday, I’m going to try something a little bit different. I’ve put together a playlist of tunes to make a half-hour mix for you to enjoy, no matter what time of day you run across it. So if it’s your Sunday morning, afternoon or evening, or even if you don’t get to it until it’s your Monday, I hope you enjoy.

I’m going to provide less information about the artists involved in these tunes, except to say that they either are, or were, big in the smooth jazz genre. Of the six artists I am featuring today, only the Rippingtons have appeared on Smooth Jazz Sunday before. I wanted to give some artists that I haven’t chosen for Smooth Jazz Sunday a little shine today in this mix. I hope you are able to hear all six of the YouTube videos I’ve included in this playlist; but if you cannot, I have listed the artists and song titles below for you to seek out.


  1. 3rd Force – “You Gotta Be Real”
  2. David Benoit – “Kei’s Song”
  3. Chris Botti – “On The Night Ride”
  4. Special EFX – “Jamaica Jamaica”
  5. Acoustic Alchemy – “The Beautiful Game”
  6. The Rippingtons – “Vienna”

Leave your impressions of the songs, artists, or even the whole concept of a Smooth Jazz Sunday mix in the comments. As always, thanks for reading and listening.

21 Replies to “Smooth Jazz Sunday: The Sunday Mix”

  1. A tour de force of smooth jazz, T Wayne. 3rd Force was like bluish dawn turning to RISE and SHINE! David Benoit’s skill on the piano makes me envious. Chris Botti’s horn is like warm, clear ocean water. Special EFX is all outdoor patio and Mojitos. Acoustic Alchemy’s twangy, echoey guitar took me on a surreal ride. The Rippingtons lively but relaxed sound was perfect with those photos, it felt like watching one of Chevvy’s international adventures set to music. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  2. I have to say that I love Joan’s descriptors. I loved listening to the songs with her descriptors in mind. I couldn’t open all the videos so I hope I was looking at the ones you posted. The Vienna one by the Rippingtons, I hope is a portent, seeing all those pictures- since I’m hoping to visit there one of these days.
    I think they were all great choices but since I have a soft spot for Peter white and 3rd Force reminds me of them, I thought I’d drop this in:

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      1. Yes, he is playing the guitar there. The song you play reminded me of Peter White and there I found this collaboration with 3rd Force. Reminds me to post something on Peter White – haven’t listened to him in ages.

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      2. The Romantics weren’t really well known outside of the two songs I posted. Those two made half of their recorded Billboard chart singles output. In my reading, they were supposedly very big in Australia-maybe even more so than here in the States.

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