The Voice: Season 12 Premiere, Night 2

Season 12 of The Voice continued on Tuesday night with a one-hour episode of blind auditions. Of the six artists featured, only one did not move on to the next round. For whatever reason, Nick Townsend did not get a chair to turn during his rendition of “Writing’s On The Wall” by Sam Smith. I thought he was deserving to get at least one of the coaches to turn, but none did.

Now on to the ones that did, in order of appearance:

Autumn Turner, a figure skating coach, led off tonight’s show with a rendition of Donna Summer’s “Last Dance.” An interesting choice to say the least; especially since I never think of that song as a vocal showcase. But then, I might only be remembering the faster portion of the song, and not the beginning. Turner slays the beginning of the song, but as expected, sounded weaker on the uptempo section. I definitely want to hear more from her, and will as she received a chair turn from all four coaches. In a non-surprise, she chose Alicia Keys to be her coach.

Next up was Jesse Larson, who took on John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy” as his song choice. Once I saw that he was a guitar player, I had visions of Laith al-Saadi from Season 10. Laith was a good singer, but an even better guitarist. He rode that combination all the way to the live finale that season. Personally, the show is called The Voice for a reason: you have to be able to cut it vocally, and shouldn’t let your instrumental prowess get you the votes. Based on this performance the guitar won out, but it was enough to sway Adam Levine to turn for him.

Fifteen year old Aliyah Moulden was next up and she performed a rendition of “Hound Dog,”originally done by Big Mama Thornton but made famous by Elvis Presley. With an arrangement that favored the Thornton version more than Presley’s, Moulden showed off her obvious voice talent. However, it was pretty late in the game before Blake Shelton turned, follwed by Keys and then Gwen Stefani. In what was a surprise to me, but apparently not to one of my fellow Facebook viewers, she chose Shelton as her coach.

Next to be heard was Savannah Leighton, who sang “Unconditonally” by Katy Perry. Leighton hoped to show the coaches something they had never heard before, but it sounded just okay to me. She was definitely nervous, and I think the longer the song went without anyone turning around was shrinking her confidence. Blake came to the rescue and turned for her, with Gwen turning at the very end. Her confidence will be key, no matter which coach she chose, but she ended up picking Stefani as her coach.

The final singer to audition was Lillli Passero who sang “A Love Of My Own” by Carla Thomas. Tonight’s singers have had a few interesting choices, to say the least. This Carla Thomas song is one that I’m familiar with in passing, so I can’t really say how good or bad the original song was. That said, Lilli’s performance was pretty good, definitely worth the three chairs turn she got from Gwen, Blake and Alicia. Once Alicia sang to Lilli, there was no doubt that she would be the young singer’s coach.

Usually, the second night of a season’s premiere is two hours in length, just like the first episode. Because of the President’s speech, that didn’t happen last night. However, NBC is giving the show’s fans another hour on Thursday night—meaning that there will be a third recap of the show in one week. I think that will be a first for me. Look for more impressions of the show on Friday.

(photo from Creative Commons via Eva Rinaldi-available for reuse).

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