The Thursday Mix 3-2-17

It isn’t Funky Friday. It’s not Smooth Jazz Sunday either.

No, what we have here is a random mix of (mostly) instrumental music from the 1970s, with one exception at the end. I say mostly instrumental because while the band cooks behind James Brown in “Give It Up Or Turn It  Loose,” James can’t help himself but to shout, shriek, wail, or call out instructions. From there, it does become an all-instrumental affair, with tunes from The Crusaders, Grover Washington, Jr., Isaac Hayes and Down To The Bone (the one exception that’s not from the seventies).

If you only hear one song to get you pumped up, it has to be the James Brown track. The Crusaders cruise through with their jazz-funk, while Washington ups the funk ante with one of those pimptastic anthems that just screams 1970s. Isaac Hayes follows that with a soundtrack song from the blaxploitation movie Three Tough Guys, that is better known as the sample used in Geto Boys’ rap hit “Mind Playin’ Tricks On Me.” Down To The Bone closes things out with a classic steppers groove from the 90s.

If you have a half hour with nothing better to do, why not give this a listen! Enjoy your day, and thanks for reading and listening.

15 Replies to “The Thursday Mix 3-2-17”

      1. I enjoyed the last three songs most. Can’t say I know James Brown well enough accept his “I feel good song” But they’re all good songs to wake you up for sure! 😀

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      2. Girl, James Brown is Lady G’s homeboy so you are going to need to get to know this dude. We’re from the same hometown.
        He is the originator of ALL funk!

        Twin is probably tired of me talking about my homeboy….but you best believe that I will bring it up EVE-R-Y-TIME he posts something from JB! LOL!!!

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