Smooth Jazz Sunday: The Sunday Mix #3 (Laid Back Sunday)

Daylight Savings Time has come in for most of us here in the U.S. That means a lost hour of sleep; at least that is how I generally look at it. But it’s also a time for adjustment. Darker mornings at first, and more light in the evenings. Many people I talk to say it takes them a week to adjust to the time change. I certainly go looking for that lost hour of sleep for at least that long.

Today’s Smooth Jazz Sunday mix is sort of a dedication to one of my all-time favorite musicians, keyboardist George Duke. His career started back in the late 60s, where he worked with Al Jarreau. He also worked with Frank Zappa early on. By the mid-70s he was his on his own, releasing several acclaimed fusion albums before taking a turn toward funk and R&B by the time he signed with CBS/Epic Records in 1977. He also produced several notable R&B acts, such as Jeffrey Osborne and Deniece Williams.

Because of the change in time, I figure it’s as good a time as any to have a mix called “Late Night Sunday.” It also helps that Duke has a song with that very title. It’s full of softer tracks, some instrumental and some with vocals.

Songs in this playlist:

  1. “Laid Back Sunday”
  2. “Look What We Started Now”
  3. “Together As One”
  4. “Fill The Need”
  5. “I Tried To Tell You”
  6. “Anticipation”
  7. “No One”
  8. “Until Sunrise”

All songs are by George Duke. If you can’t get all the songs to play, you can look up the ones that didn’t work.

Enjoy these fabulous tunes from one of my favorites, and I hope you adjust to Daylight Savings Time if you have it in your area. As always, thanks for reading and listening.

8 Replies to “Smooth Jazz Sunday: The Sunday Mix #3 (Laid Back Sunday)”

  1. Your Jazz Sundays remind me of my brother, especially this time of year. I’d go hang out with him, take a bag of bagels, and jazz is what he’d put on the stereo while we sat outside, ate our bagels and caught up. The only thing missing right now is the warm Arizona sun! 😀

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  2. I’ve enjoyed listening to the whole mix Tracy. It works just as well listening to this in the evening. I’m a great George Duke fan. Btw way our daylight is being saved naturally with Autumn making an early appearance.
    Here’s my contribution to the mix

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    1. Thanks Chevvy! Missing you was one of the songs that I considered adding to the mix, but I dropped it. It was from Duke’s last album, as you probably know.

      There’s always a lot of grumbling here about Daylight Savings Time, but it’s still around after 100-plus years. A few years ago, Congress added a few weeks to Daylight Savings Time.

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