Heavenly #RomanticTuesday

The combination of Webster Lewis and D.J. Rogers were unsung in R&B circles. As separate artists, both had some memorable songs, but not big hits. Lewis had three charted entries on the R&B list, the biggest of which got as high as #41 (“Give Me Some Emotion”). Rogers had a couple songs that R&B lovers were fond of, those being “Say You Love Me” and “Love Brought Me Back”. The former climbed to #51, while the latter eked into the top 20.

Together though, they made a Quiet Storm classic that doesn’t get heard that often, but those that know, remember it well. From the Webster Lewis album that also contained “Give Me Some Emotion,” the song is called “Heavenly” (not to be confused with the Temptations hit from 1973).

Lewis was a Baltimore, Maryland native whose roots began in jazz. He worked with Tony Williams and Bill Evans, among others, before switching to R&B and disco music in the mid-70s. Lewis passed away in 2002. Rogers was a singer-songwriter who played keyboards on many of his songs. His “Say You Love Me” was also covered by Natalie Cole.

I chose this song because I hadn’t heard it in a long time; and I heard a remake that was done recently by Paul Tillman Smith with singer Martin Luther on a compilation album that was featured on the SoulTracks website. Theirs is good; but I like the original better.

See what you think about “Heavenly.” I know I usually pick a lyric for my #RomanticTuesday song choice, but I just wanted to put the title out there this time around. As always, thanks for reading and listening.

In case you’re interested, here’s the cover of “Heavenly” done by Paul Tillman Smith and Martin Luther.

16 Replies to “Heavenly #RomanticTuesday”

  1. I actually like Martin Luther. He’s got his own thing going—yet still retro.

    Anyway, I haven’t heard this jam in forever. Actually, I completely forgot about it.
    That said, I think I’ll go with the original.
    You know I’m an old school kinda chick 🙂

    Hey, this time my Twin went and grabbed the last record in the last crate in the back room!
    Well played, as that is a typical Lady G type of move. LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

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