You Play The Songs Four

Once again, it’s time to play You Play The Songs. If you weren’t here last month for the last edition or you’ve forgotten how it goes, I’ll tell you all about it. We’re making a mixtape of songs, based on whatever you’re feeling, whatever mood you’re in, or whatever whatever. Doesn’t matter whether it’s an original or a remake, fast or slow, happy or sad. It also does not matter what genre or style you pick. Just find your song or songs, and leave them in a comment.

Here’s what you do: go to YouTube and find your song. When you find the video you want to share, click Share. When you see Share, Embed, Email, click on Embed (though I understand that share works as well). Copy the code that shows underneath where you clicked and paste it in your comment. You can also do the same if the song is on Soundcloud. Click Share on your Soundcloud song, choose Embed, click the box that says WordPress code, copy and paste the code into your comment. Real simple, isn’t it? Feel free to say a few words about your song: why you picked it, what it means to you, etc.

Since I missed Funky Friday last week, and got called out on it I’ll start this month’s edition off with some good old fashioned funk. One of the best funk albums of all time was Parliament’s Mothership Connection. The album contained three funk classics, and it’s those that I’ll pick to start the monthly mixtape. Perhaps the best known of these three songs is “Give Up The Funk.” With it’s memorable, chanting chorus (“We Want The Funk! Give Up The Funk! We Need The Funk! Gotta Have That Funk!”), it has proven to stand the test of time. It certainly is one of the songs most fans think of when they think of funky music.

The next track became the nickname of George Clinton’s Parliament-Funkadelic crew. “P. Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up)” was the first track from the album, and it served as an introduction to Parliament’s Mothership Connection (though the band were on their third album since signing with Casablanca Records). It also offered yet another memorable chant (“Make My Funk The P. Funk, I Want My Funk Uncut/Make My Funk The P. Funk, I Wants To Get Funked Up”). Sir Lollipop Man is the DJ to get you hip the the Mothership.

The last track I’ll feature is the title track from the Mothership Connection album. The album itself introduces the whole P. Funk mythology, and introduces one of the saga’s most important characters: Star Child. Just remember: if you hear any noise, it’s just me and the boys. Hit me! By the way, playing on this track: several veterans from James Brown’s band, including horn players Fred Wesley and Maceo Parker, as well as Bootsy Collins on the bass.

Remember, you don’t have to add funky songs, just because I did. I’m just catching up on missing last week’s Funky Friday, and thought that this week would be a good time to add some funk. You can post whatever you like.

Have a great Friday, and thanks for reading and listening.

22 Replies to “You Play The Songs Four”

  1. Great Parliament selections, T. Wayne. It is pouring where I am so I am feeling a bit moody. First up is Mazzy Star with Fade into You.

    Next is Lera Lynn’s Lately

    Finally, since I can’t be maudlin for too long, I will end with Filter vs Crystal Method & Trip Like I Do

    I don’t have the embed option on my Android, 😯
    Have a great weekend!

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  2. The Mothership Connection narrator’s voice is what I imagine T Wayne’s voice sounds like. The funky beat, disco-esque with the plink-pluck of guitars and short bursts of horns, transports me back to the 1970’s, when friends gave friends 45’s as birthday gifts and if you were lucky, your family had a turntable stereo system inside a cabinet that looked like a coffee table, similar to this one: 🙂

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    1. We had one similar to that in our home growing up, Joan. I think we tried to break the 8-track tape player that was inside it…seemed like there was someone’s 8-track playing in there! Whether it was Al Green, or Earth, Wind & Fire, or Isaac Hayes or the O’Jays, there was always an 8-track going. Mom would play her 45s too; I don’t remember her being much of an album buyer in those days. And of course, the radio so we could listen to our favorite songs!

      As for my voice…it’s not quite like Star Child on “Mothership Connection, but I could probably imitate it if I paid close enough attention! 🙂

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  3. Hopefully this shows up .. its Maisey Rika’s – Tangaroa Whakamautai – all Indigenous / all NZ 😉 Thats the kind of mood I’m in 🙂 Enjoy. (ps if you hit the cc at the bottom you’ll get the translation in english)

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    1. A sad anniversary indeed, but at least Selena’s music lives on. She was poised for big things at her untimely passing.

      Erykah Badu? The one where she undresses in the video! Hahaha! I laugh, but it is a good song. Thanks for your contributions, Lisa!

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  4. Excuse the randomness of this little contribution:
    By the way, I’m so sorry to be so late to the party but here’s a bit of Champaign! Not spelled like the drink LOL!

    Slowing it down a bit…

    Now a jam that samples the one above and is a homage to my home state

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