Sunday Smooth Jazz: Sunday Mix #7 (The Ladies)

Most, but not all of the time, women in smooth jazz are featured as vocalists. Today’s mix features a few vocalists, some of whom play instruments as well. Even as I included singers in today’s mix, I also wanted some players too; performers who play an instrument and don’t primarily sing, or at most, may contribute on background vocals. I’m thankful that I was able to find some women (and there are quite a few more) that are active in smooth jazz. This week’s songs are listed below the video; if you can’t play a song, seek it out.

Smooth Jazz Sunday Mix #7:

  1. “Moving On” by Keiko Matsui
  2. “Lucy’s” by Mindi Abair
  3. “Smooth” by Candy Dulfer
  4. “In The Flow” by Althea Rene
  5. “Category A” by Cindy Bradley
  6. “Unconditional Love” by Esperanza Spalding
  7. “Blue Horizon” by Maysa
  8. “Where Do You Want To Go” by Lindsey Webster
  9. “Novocaine Heart” by Kandace Springs
  10. “I Am” by Kayla Waters
  11. “Remind Me” by Ragan Whiteside (feat. Patrice Rushen)
  12. “Angels Among Us” by Pamela Williams

The vocalists begin in earnest starting with Esperanza Spalding, who is just as talented on the bass as she is singing. She’s also in possession of a Best New Artist Grammy award that she won back in 2010. With each successive album, Spalding broadens her musical palette, incorporating art-rock and full-on R&B and soul on her latest album, from which “Unconditional Love” is taken. The great Maysa Leak, known well for her work with the band Incognito as well as her solo career, features here with the track “Blue Horizon” from her Out Of The Blue album.

The mix begins with Keiko Matsui’s fine piano work. Matsui is still going strong, some 30 years after her first recording. “Moving On” is taken from her twenty-seventh album as a leader, Journey To The Heart. Saxophonists Mindi Abair and Candy Dulfer follow Matsui, with smooth jazz hits from their repertoire. Abair’s “Lucy” was her debut single and was a hit immediately in the smooth jazz genre. Dulfer’s “Smooth” was one of the memorable tracks from her 1997 release For The Love Of You.

I managed to find two flutists, Althea Rene and Ragan Whiteside, for this mix. Rene’s tune is the title track from her In The Flow album, and Whiteside covers Patrice Rushen’s classic “Remind Me,” and even gets Rushen to feature on the track.  Some recent work is also featured from trumpeter Cindy Bradley, singer Lindsey Webster, singer-pianist Kandace Springs and pianist Kayla Waters. Waters is the daughter of smooth jazz stalwart and saxophonist Kim Waters, who guests on today’s “I Am.” Rounding out the playlist is saxophonist Pamela Williams, whose beautiful “Angels Among Us” is taken from her debut album, The Saxtress.

If you can use Spotify, today’s playlist can be found here:

Hope you enjoy today’s smooth jazz playlist, and as always, thanks for reading and listening.

9 Replies to “Sunday Smooth Jazz: Sunday Mix #7 (The Ladies)”

  1. Esperanza is a true artist & very deserving of every accolade she gets. Most of the ladies on the list are new to me so I will take some time & enjoy this compilation. Great work on your part T. Wayne on bringing music education to the masses. I find jazz is a niche that is not as mainstream in today’s music biz climate.

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    1. She really is, Susan. I always look forward to seeing what she will do next. Hopefully I am helping in a small way to give at least contemporary jazz, though jazz in general is, as you say a niche that isn’t what is was in terms of mainstream acknowledgement or acceptance.

      Thanks as always for the kind words, friend!

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  2. I’m so glad to see you give the spotlight to the ladies. It is interesting that they are more likely jazz vocalists than players of instruments. Some of your choices are new to me. You’ve reminded me to take out some of my CDs and add some songs to my IPOD since I haven’t listened to some of them in a while. I especially liked the tracks by Mindy Abair, Althea Rane and Lindsey Webster. I shall enjoy listening to them at my leisure. My additions to your list:

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    1. Forgot about Joyce Cooling, so I’ll add another of my favorites of hers here:

      Loved “Callie”, it’s an excellent choice, Chevvy. I keep looking for new music from Pamela Williams, but it hasn’t crossed my path as of yet. Hopefully soon. As always, I’m happy when I can help you find new music. Glad you enjoyed the playlist today.

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