You Used To Tell Me Sweet Things/Song A Day Challenge (Day 3)

Welcome to day 3 of the A Song A Day Challenge. If you haven’t been following along, I was nominated by Lennon Carlyle from the Fabulous With Glitches blog. Today on Lennon’s blog is Hump Day Shenanigans. If you like a laugh or two in mid-week, you can’t go wrong by stopping by her blog today.

Once again, here are the rules:

  • Post a song a day for five consecutive days.
  • Post the name of the song and the video.
  • Post what the lyrics mean to you (optional)
  • Nominate two different bloggers each day of the challenge.

And here we go…

He was right. No she was right! Who was right? Was there a “right?”

Much like yesterday’s song, where a man and a woman might have differing interpretations, much was the same when this song was released back in 1998. The song proved so popular, it spent six weeks at #1 on the Billboard  Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay chart. The song depicts an argument between a man and a woman regarding the status of their two-year relationship. Each side lists their complaints about the other, leaving the song open-ended. And that’s where the fans of the song jumped in, taking sides.

Today’s song is “Be Careful,” by Sparkle featuring R. Kelly.

At the time of this song’s release, Sparkle was a protégé of R. Kelly. She became the first artist on Kelly’s Rockland record label. She also proved to be the most successful artist on the label; in addition to the single’s success, Sparkle’s self-titled debut album (from which this song was taken) also sold over a million copies. Sadly, the song represented the high point of Sparkle’s commercial career; she never had a song go as high. Kelly’s label was shut down and her second album had nowhere near the success as the first.

As far as the argument in the song goes, each person airs their grievances against the other. She complains about how he doesn’t say the sweet things he used to, and how he changed after he lost his job; he complains that she tells all of their business to her girlfriends and how she’s talking to her male friends from college. Both talk about the lack of respect toward the other. In the end, each warns the other to watch what they say, because it could all come back against them.

If the shoe fits, wear it. Based on “When A Woman’s Fed Up,” (R. Kelly’s hit song that acts as the follow-up to this one) I’d say this relationship is on its way to the trash cans of their memories.

If you’ve never heard this one, tell me what you think in the comments. As always, thanks for reading and listening.

22 Replies to “You Used To Tell Me Sweet Things/Song A Day Challenge (Day 3)”

  1. Two great voices, slow rocking beat, lyrics that are easy to identify with. I can see why this song did so well. I won’t take sides, but I fully agree with the refrain about being careful. Karma is a bitch when she circles back around. 🙂

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    1. It is. When R. Kelly does it right, he is one of the more talented singers and artists working today. Problem is, he wastes that talent on songs that are beneath him, in my opinion.


    1. He has a magnificent voice, it just isn’t always served well by some of the songs he sings. This was one of the better ones, in my opinion.

      That ’95 album was great; a good follow-up to 12 Play, which basically put him on the map. Glad to bring this one back for you!

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    1. He can do that; he’s a very talented singer. Some of his songs though, even as they are sung well, leave a bit to be desired, at least to me. But he’s popular for a reason: he cranks out hits.

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  2. According to Fred Sanford, “If the shoe fits, shove it up your nose!”
    I really liked R. Kelly, but I was not a fan of his mini-theater songs.
    This one was okay.
    The problem is …I am still reeling over that Funky Friday Song Challenge stunt you pulled! FIRE! PURE FIRE!!!!!!

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    1. I always thought this was one of his better efforts. He loses me when he sings “you remind me of my Jeep” or some of his other “weaker” efforts. “Trapped In The Closet” was funny and entertaining, until he decided there had to be twenty-five versions of the same song.

      Now, as for that Funky Friday Challenge…I’ve got to get over there and see what you had to say!

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