Let The Music Play On/Song A Day Challenge (Day 4)

Welcome to day 4 of the A Song A Day challenge. For those that have missed the first three days, I’ve posted some songs as part of my regularly themed posts. You’ve also missed the fact that I was nominated by the funny, charming, southern lady Ms. Lennon Carlyle of the Fabulous With Glitches blog. She can get serious from time to time, but she likes to laugh a lot too. She’s a big music fan too…and I love picking songs that make her dance! Please stop by her blog, I promise you’ll like it…and her!

Now once again, I have to drop these rules:

  • Post a song every day for five consecutive days.
  • Post the name of the song and the video.
  • Post what the lyrics mean to you (optional).
  • Nominate two different bloggers each day of the challenge.

I haven’t nominated anyone, but feel free to join in. Everyone likes some kind of music, right? Post a song a day and let your individuality show!

On with the post:

I could have left this one for one of my 80’s Mania Mondays. The Teacher, as she is wont to do, offered a suggestion. Her idea: write about the song that was the theme of my senior prom. Right after the words left her mouth, I began to chuckle. She wanted to know why, and after I told her what song it was, I told her a little bit about how senior prom almost was a no-go for me.

That theme song for the St. Michaels High School Senior Prom of 1984 was “All Night Long” by Lionel Richie.

We all know how iconic this song is; it’s one of the most memorable pop hits of the 1980s. It helped to propel Richie’s album Can’t Slow Down to Album Of The Year at the Grammys, along with multi-platinum sales. It was popular enough to be chosen as our high school’s prom theme. A prom, I should mention, that I almost didn’t attend.

The time was going close to the date of the prom and I had no date. In those days, I didn’t hang out much; in fact I didn’t hang out at all. I would go to school functions—basketball games, dances, but outside of school, nothing. I didn’t have a steady girlfriend in those days either. My classmates egged me on as to whether or not I was going to prom and I always said no. What I didn’t know was that a female student also was feeling the same way about prom that I was. Classmates put two and two together, and I asked the female student if she would go to the prom with me. She said yes.

I ended up having a great time. Yes, I danced. It was prom; of course I danced! The memory is fuzzy, but I may have tried to do the moonwalk. I had the shoes for it!

Please enjoy the fourth song in my version of the Song A Day Challenge; one of the biggest hits of 1983, “All Night Long.” I’ll always associate it with my senior prom and how I almost didn’t make it there. Maybe you have some different memories of it. As always, thanks for reading and listening.

23 Replies to “Let The Music Play On/Song A Day Challenge (Day 4)”

  1. Well Tracy, I’ll start by saying that you need to start calling “The teacher” your girlfriend – it is what it is!😀 I remember this song very fondly early clubbing days. But to your Prom story – where I come from we call it the “Matric Farewell” and it was and still is organised by the school. Unfortunately for me, in the year of my Matric, our school principal/headmaster, cancelled the Farewell party because of the bad behaviour of the previous Matrics (Seniors) How unfair is that? I remember my younger brother staying out ALL NIGHT LONG for the first time at his Matric farewell two years later.😀
    The closest I’ll come to your story was also linked to a Lionel Richie (Commodores) song. Poor guy had to beg me to dance at a wedding just before my senior year. Until he went to the DJ and put in a special request for me – this was the song to my first dance:

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      1. Yeah I know. You think Lionel was corrupted after the Commodores. I hear you. There was a lot more soulfulness in the the Commodores as was the case with groups like the Spinners. But back to All night long – it was the song in its day!😀

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      2. There is definitely a line of demarcation from Lionel’s Commodores days and his solo career. As I stated in my reply to Chevvy’s original comment, you can hear the beginnings of his solo career in ballads like “Three Times A Lady” and “Still.” Once he went solo, and cleaned up his Tuskegee, Alabama diction, it was pop all the way.

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    1. So sorry to hear your event was canceled due to bad behavior from the previous class. Hardly seems fair at all!

      The Teacher…yes she is my girlfriend. That is an absolute fact. But she will probably still be called “The Teacher” when I write about her in the blog.

      As for the wedding song…what a beautiful song chosen for you! The seeds of Lionel Richie the solo artist can be found in songs like “Three Times A Lady” and “Still” in my opinion.

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      1. Ah! I guess I’ve had plenty of great times to not be peeved by that unfortunate incident. Clearly the young man impressed me because I’ve never forgotten the trouble he went to get me to dance. Those were the days when guys asked girls for a dance. I was much too shy back then.😀 Yes, indeed – that Commodores era of Lionel Richie was the BOMB!

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