Smooth Jazz Sunday: Sunday Mix #8 (Going Home)

Welcome to another edition of Smooth Jazz Sunday. This week’s playlist was inspired by Jonathan Butler’s song “Going Home.” Hearing it play during the week, I remembered that Kenny G also had a song with the same title. I’ve taken those two songs and had them begin and end this week’s set. Also included are recent songs from Gerald Albright and Michael Lington, a favorite of mine from Chieli Minucci, and songs from Paul Hardcastle, Dave Koz, The Rippingtons and a beautiful piano piece from John Fluker. If you can’t hear one of the songs, the playlist is listed below so that you can seek it out.

The songs included on today’s playlist:

  1. “Going Home” by Jonathan Butler
  2. “Boom Boom” by Gerald Albright
  3. “Memphis Strut” by Michael Lington
  4. “Foolin’ Around Again” by Chieli Minucci
  5. “Age Of Eternity” by John Fluker
  6. “Hideaway” by The Rippingtons
  7. “Echoes Rising” by Paul Hardcastle
  8. “Definition Of Beautiful” by Dave Koz
  9. “Going Home” by Kenny G

One of the things that gets lost with Butler is that he is a fine guitar player. Due to the fact that he had several R&B hits with his voice, the fact that his U.S. recorded output was primarily instrumental has been pushed back somewhat. His more recent releases, while gospel-based, seem to be more about his singing than his playing. Including “Going Home”, for me at least, reminds me of how beautiful a player he was (and is).

By the time Kenny G had released “Going Home,” his fortunes were on the rise. He was well on his way to becoming the best-selling instrumental artist of all-time. Coming off two unlikely hit albums (Songbird and Silhouette) which featured songs that would make the pop top 20 (both title tracks from each album), while moving away from the R&B sounds that populated his first few albums. Though this song wasn’t as successful as “Songbird” or “Silhouette”, it is one of his most beloved songs.

If you use Spotify, here is the playlist from the service. You can also search for my user name (Tracy Smith) and choose the playlist from my public playlists.

I hope you enjoy this week’s Smooth Jazz Sunday mix, and thanks for reading and listening.

8 Replies to “Smooth Jazz Sunday: Sunday Mix #8 (Going Home)”

  1. You know I have to comment on this, right T. Wayne? Let me grab my guitar & play it on a rock in the middle of the desert, lol. Why not?
    Butler’s Going Home reminded me so much of Benson’s Breezin’.
    Smooth selections for a smooth Sunday. Happy Easter to you & yours!

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  2. So glad to see you feature my home boy. He has played with some of the greatest jazz musicians and done us proud. I’ve added a song he did with Angie Stone that I like. I also loved Michael Lington’s Memphis strut!

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    1. I had been thinking of including one of his instrumental songs for Smooth Jazz Sunday…guess this one just jumped out at me. You should be very proud of Mr. Butler, he’s had a great musical career, and some great songs, both sung and played that he’s associated with.

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      1. Don’t know if you’ve heard this song which is a cover of a Drifters sing that he did when he was 13. He sounds here like our version of Michael Jackson doing Ben. To think I once could reach the high notes of both these songs. Yeah, he has played with the finest.


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