New Prince Music Heralds Expanded Purple Rain Reissues

The movie soundtrack to Purple Rain has often been cited as Prince’s masterwork. On June 23, 2017, Purple Rain will be re-released in both Deluxe and Deluxe (Expanded) editions. The Deluxe edition will a remastered version of the original album, as well as a second disc with eleven unreleased songs that were recorded around the same time of those on the album release. The Deluxe (Expanded) edition includes both of the discs of the Deluxe edition, with a third disc of singles edits and B-sides, and a DVD of Prince And The Revolution Live At The Carrier Dome, a concert from March 30, 1985.

Some of the unreleased songs have seen the light in different versions via bootleg, but the one track available for streaming (and purchase with an immediate download if you pre-order one of the Deluxe versions) is “Electric Intercourse.”  This studio version of the song was not known to exist until being found at Prince’s Paisley Park home. Just by the sound of the song, it was obviously recorded around the time of Purple Rain.

Unfortunately, the one official video on YouTube of the song is the one issued from the label, so everyone may not be able to view it. I will post both the video and the stream from Spotify (the song is also available to stream from Apple Music).


I am hoping this is a sign that more unreleased Prince material may be released, though I’m not sure if I’ll go in for either of the Deluxe editions of Purple Rain, but I don’t rule it out either. Do you think you’ll get either version? What are your impressions of “Electric Intercourse,” if you can play it? Tell me what you think in the comments.

4 Replies to “New Prince Music Heralds Expanded Purple Rain Reissues”

  1. OMG … YUSS 🙂 🙂 Yes I’ll get … all of it 😉 Huge Prince fan … I think anything that is unreleased is a must have!!

    Reminds me of .. Darling Niki, but not as funky … and a bit of When doves cry … and something else??? I’ll have to listen again … Thanks again 🙂


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