Smooth Jazz Sunday: Sunday Mix #10 (The Charts)

In my travels over the internet, I was looking for some kind of chart that tracks current smooth jazz songs. I was lucky enough to find the Billboard BDS Nielsen radio airplay charts for smooth jazz tracks. It’s a 30-position chart that tracks how many spins a song gets on smooth jazz stations. It just so happens, that this week for the smooth jazz mix, I wanted some current songs.

Looking over the list, I see several that I have already featured over the course of the first few weeks that I’ve been making playlists for Smooth Jazz Sunday. So I’ll leave those out, and pick a few of the ones that I like that haven’t been featured. I think the ten I have chosen offer a representative mix of what’s popular right now in smooth jazz.

This week’s listing: (if you’re unable to play a song, seek it out elsewhere)

  1. “We Don’t Talk Anymore” by Rick Braun (featuring Peter White)
  2. “Midnight Drive” by Michael Lington
  3. “Hush” by Paul Brown
  4. “City Lights” by Tim Bowman
  5. “Hyperdrive” by Jeff Lorber Fusion
  6. “It Keeps Coming Back” by Norman Brown
  7. “Will Power” by Marcus Anderson
  8. “Round ‘N’ Round” by Greg Manning featuring J. Reid
  9. “Rosy Cheeks” by Peet Project feauting Dave Koz
  10. “Serpentine Fire” by Nathan East featuring Philip Bailey, Verdine White and Ralph Johnson

A few notes about some of this week’s group of songs:

This week’s set is bracketed by covers: the Rick Braun/Peter White collaboration was originally done by Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez; while the Nathan East track was done originally by Earth, Wind & Fire. East’s cover manages to get current EW&F band members Bailey, White & Johnson help out, along with some choice samples of the late Maurice White’s vocals from the original song. Paul Brown was known for a long time as one of the hot producers in smooth jazz, most notably for his work on Boney James’ early albums. Ever since he stepped in front of the microphone with his guitar, he’s become a hot commodity in the genre himself. His current single “Hush” has already taken up residence in the airplay top 10. Dave Koz, himself a well-known smooth jazz saxophonist, is the guest on the Hungarian band Peet Project, whose single “Rosy Cheeks” is moving up quickly on the chart.

The playlist is also available on Spotify, if you use the service.

By the way, the previous mixes that aren’t on Spotify will be available there soon. I’m working on getting them all there before the end of next month. If you do use the service, why not follow me there! Just search for mindpinball (my alias), and my name, Tracy Smith, should be visible.

Hope you enjoy this week’s mix, and thanks for reading and listening.

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