Sunday Slow Jams: It’s You That I Need

The group Enchantment was one of my mother’s favorites. Though her favorite song is “Where Do We Go From Here,” she was also fond of the ballads that put them on the soul music map. Though their first releases were dance songs, once they switched to ballads, they put up three consecutive great songs that all found the R&B top 5, with the song included in the title of this post making it to the top spot. In a return of the triple play, I’ve put all three of the songs in the middle of today’s Slow Jam Sunday playlist.

As always, if you can’t hear a song in the playlist, I’ll list them below for you to seek out.

This week’s playlist:

  1. “Seduction” by Boney James
  2. “We Never Danced To A Love Song” by The Manhattans
  3. “For You” by Starpoint
  4. “If You Lose Her” by Joe
  5. “You & I” by Avant & KeKe Wyatt
  6. “Gloria” by Enchantment
  7. “It’s You That I Need” by Enchantment
  8. “Sunshine” by Enchantment
  9. “You” by Jesse Powell
  10. “Show Me” by Howard Hewett
  11. “If You Love Me” by Mint Condition
  12. “…Til The Cops Come Knocking” by Maxwell
  13. “A House Is Not A Home” by Luther Vandross

Some notes on a few of the songs:

Rather than focus on the 70s and 80s, I tried to include some songs from the 90s and beyond. Songs from Joe, Avant & KeKe Wyatt, Jesse Powell, Howard Hewett, Mint Condition and Maxwell have all been created since 1990. Powell has previously paid tribute to Enchantment, performing a medley “Gloria” and “It’s You That I Need” on his debut album.

Mint Condition is on hiatus for the moment, as front man Stokley has begun promoting a solo project. As perhaps the last R&B band standing, it’s something of a mixed blessing in my opinion. If ever a lead man deserved a solo spotlight it is Stokely; the band has been around for twenty-six years and keeps the flame alive for bands in the genre. However, if you look at what currently is R&B, either adult or mainstream, you’ll find a lot of soloists, and few groups or bands. Some of the old standbys are still around, but none of them, Mint Condition included, have as high a profile as they had in decades past. To me, as a fan of the music and who grew up with singing groups, both male and female, and bands galore, it feels like something is missing.

Closing out this mix is one of the great show stopping performances of Luther Vandross’ solo career. “A House Is Not A Home” is the first of many covers that Vandross turned into his own. Those who know music know that Dionne Warwick originally performed the song, but few remembered it once Vandross finished with it. Needless to say, once it was heard on Quiet Storm radio shows, it became a classic, and a song closely identified with the format. Written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, it has been covered many times, but none quite a memorable as this version.

A Spotify playlist for those that use the service is here (the Howard Hewett track isn’t available):

I hope you enjoy this week’s Sunday Slow Jams mix. As always, thanks for reading and listening.

4 Replies to “Sunday Slow Jams: It’s You That I Need”

  1. Mint Condition 🙂 Wow, haven’t heard them for ages … which of course sent me on a YouTube search … thanks. You’re right though … nothing around anymore, quite like this band … beautiful voices!
    And Luther! Well theres no touching that Legend 🙂


  2. As usual, a great list Tracy. I’m intrigued by your mother’s influence on your music taste. That favorite song of hers by Enchantment is also great. Of course mine will always be “Moment of weakness”
    Interestingly, I was looking at another version of House is not a home when I was compiling my P list. Of course that song in my opinion still belongs to Luther. I also just wanted to say that Boney James’ Seduction grows on me as your Quiet Storm theme song each time I hear it. My additions to your list:

    Forevermore by Enchantment:

    My first love: Avant

    And the Pamela version of “House is not a home”


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