‘Cause You’re My Dream Come True #RomanticTuesday

You’re a group of musicians in a band called Total Concept Unlimited. You don’t have a record deal, but you’re backing up Edwin Starr in England and Japan. Starr introduces you to Norman Whitfield, who at the time is killing the game at Motown Records with The Temptations and the Undisputed Truth. When the time comes that Whitfield wants to form his own company, he takes you with him as his signature act. While working on your debut, Whitfield is contacted about doing the soundtrack for a movie called Car Wash. Not only does Whitfield say yes, but he makes the soundtrack your coming out party, and changes your name to Rose Royce. That soundtrack/debut album gives you three big hits: “Car Wash,” “I’m Going Down,” and today’s pick for #RomanticTuesday.

“I Wanna Get Next To You” is today’s #RomanticTuesday song.

YouTube user OldSchoolMusicJunkie did something cool with his video for the song: he used scenes from the movie, primarily the scenes where Franklin Ajaye’s and Tracy Reed’s characters are interacting. If you’ve seen the movie, Ajaye’s T.C. spends a part of the movie trying to get a date with Mona (Reed).  By the end, he gets his date. Using “I Wanna Get Next To You” as the soundtrack is very fitting. The character in the song is basically T.C., trying to get Mona to “see things his way,” while “talking till he’s black and blue.” By the end of the song, you get the feeling the singer has won the girl over, much as T.C. wins over Mona.

Rose Royce was just getting started after Car Wash. Their second album, In Full Bloom, was another smash hit, with two more R&B top ten hits in “Do Your Dance” and “Ooh Boy.” Another classic ballad by the group was their “Wishing On A Star,” which I featured on one of the earlier #RomanticTuesday posts. That one is a personal favorite of mine; not saying it’s better than today’s song, which has its own charms. Though the hits began to dry up around the early 80s, Rose Royce is still performing today.

I hope you enjoy today’s #RomanticTuesday song, and thanks for reading and listening.

9 Replies to “‘Cause You’re My Dream Come True #RomanticTuesday”

  1. Epic tunes 😉 I actually vaguely remember singing Carwash one night at a karaoke bar … drunk as … not one of my finer moments, but the song itself goes nicely anywhere … at any time 😉 Thanks for the reminisce!

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  2. I’m so old I remember seeing ‘Car Wash’ in a theater! A few years later, I moved to LA and lived a couple miles from the car wash that was used in the film.

    Rose Royce were great, and I too especially adore their song “Wishing On A Star.”

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  3. One of my favorite movies! I like this song but I don’t love it. That said, I enjoy it for nostalgia’s sake. It reminds me some good times.
    Ajaye, as a comedian, is hilarious!
    And Tracy Reed was a beautiful girl! I often wonder what happened to her. It seems as if she just dropped off the planet.

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