Happy Mother’s Day

Just a few words that I wrote for my mom, and for all mothers from Facebook/Instagram:

Happy Mother’s Day to this wonderful mom, counselor, and friend. You cared for me; were there for me; shared with me; prepared me and raised me. All I am I owe to you. So today, and everyday, I say thank you for all you’ve done and I love you.

For all the Mothers in my feed and all over, a Happy Mother’s Day to you as well. The hours are long, the pay may not be what you expect, but I’m sure all of you are filled with love, compassion and devotion for your children. I hope your children remember to give you the love you deserve, not just today, but everyday. This also goes out to all the aunts, sisters, grandmothers and others who had to step in when the biological moms could not.


I’ve mentioned before that my mother was an inspiration towards my love of music. She was the one playing the Otis Redding song I associate with my first musical memory. She was the one who had the old 45s that formed the basis of my musical foundation. She also encouraged me to listen and to play songs that she loved, and that in turn I began to enjoy as well. Even today, she still enjoys music and will ask every once in a while what I’m listening to, particularly if she likes what she’s hearing. So in addition to what I’ve written above, I thank her for giving me a love of music that I get to share with all of you.

To all the mothers out there on WordPress, a wish for a Happy Mother’s Day.

9 Replies to “Happy Mother’s Day”

    1. Haha, Joan! It actually was more the other way around…I’ll have to tell that story sometime! Today, however is Boney-free!

      Thanks so much for your comment and for the great comments you’ve shared with me here on the blog.

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  1. I like the new look to your Blog Tracy. I’m a bit late, but I think Mother’s day is everyday anyway. Happy Mom’s day to to your Mom and I’m really impressed with her influence on you through her own taste in music. Also, as I get older, she gives me permission to keep in the groove for as long as I like.πŸ˜€

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