You Light My World With A Billion Stars #RomanticTuesday

Don’t be surprised if this one ends up in a Slow Jam Sunday post.

Many funk bands from the 1970s and 1980s often made slow jams too. They may not have been as popular as the dance grooves on the charts, but they would prove to be quite popular on the radio as unreleased singles. The group Con Funk Shun would have their share of R&B funk hits, but they also had a number of Quiet Storm classics. “Love’s Train” may be the best and most popular of those, but this one for #RomanticTuesday has its fans. Today’s #RomanticTuesday song is “All Up To You.”

“All Up To You” never made any chart, but it resonated with fans of slow jams with the story of a couple who had to decide whether to go on together or go their separate ways. The male in the relationship leaves the decision to his mate, noting that “the choice is yours what we’re gonna do.” He’s waiting from a word from his lady as he’s in her control.

Written by band members Karl Fuller and Felton Pilate, it highlights the ability of the band to handle the slower tempos as easily as they could their uptempo funky songs (“Ffun,” “Shake And Dance With Me,” and “Got To Be Enough” among others).  Take a listen and see for yourself. I’ve also added the lyrics to this post.

I hope you enjoy “All Up To You,” and thanks for reading and listening.

This man is in your control
Just a word from you
You light my world with a billion stars
And make my dreams come true

A change has come to our life
I’m not saying it’s wrong
We’ve reached the point where we have to decide
If we should go on

You already know where I stand
So it’s all up to you
The choice is yours what we’re gonna do
It’s in your hands, oh, in your hands
I’ll have to wait until you make your plans

Should we try to make it alright
Start it all again
Should we say this love affair
Never should have been
Just let me know what it’s gonna be

It’s all up to you
The choice is yours what we’re gonna do
It’s in your hands
I’ll have to wait until you make your plans

9 Replies to “You Light My World With A Billion Stars #RomanticTuesday”

  1. Change is the only constant in life… him leaving it up to her to decide is gallant maybe, and makes the final decision even more loaded. Couldn’t play it from the link, but like Susan, I suspect from the lyrics they are headed for heartbreak or a rough ride. 🙂

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  2. I had to refresh my memory on youtube because it wouldn’t play back here.
    You know Twin, people really did sleep on ConFunkShuns ballads.
    I have never heard a slow jam by them that I didn’t like 🙂
    Great post Twin 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Twin. Yes, people did sleep on their ballads. “All Up To You” is one of the great ones. Everybody knows “Love’s Train,” of course and “I’m Leaving Baby” is another great one. They have more than a few in their repertoire, for sure.

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  3. I love the falsettos in this song like many classics of its time. Yes, it does sound like a hearbreaker in lyrics and delivery.Love makes us vulnerable doesn’t it?


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