Return To San Antonio


The entrance to the Henry B. González Convention Center, where the Tyler Technologies conference was held. Yes, I actually went inside and participated.


The company that produces the local government enterprise software that we use at my day job held its annual conference in San Antonio, Texas a couple weeks ago. When I was told back in February that I was going to be able to travel to the conference, I was excited. I was able to attend the same conference in the same city three years ago, and I loved it. I couldn’t wait to get back; and this time I was able to go with The Teacher. So we went down on Friday (the conference didn’t start until Monday), and we had Saturday and Sunday to walk around and enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and food in the city.


The Teacher and I, getting our picture taken at a scenic spot on the River Walk. (Yes, she actually exists)! Somewhere, my mother is yelling “take your hand out of your pocket!”


I would tell you that I walked around the city itself, but that didn’t happen. I didn’t go to the Alamo either; I did that on the previous trip. Since The Teacher had been down there before as well, we didn’t feel a great need to see it. What we did do was take in the River Walk. I’m not much of a photographer, but I made an effort to take some pictures of the sights on the River Walk, and of the food we ate.  Below are some of the shots I took of the sights. Basically, I tried to follow the lead of The Teacher. Hopefully these are some decent photographs.

The trip involved stays in two different hotels, because the day job reserved a room for me for the conference at one of the hotels Tyler Technologies had reserved with a reduced room rate. So The Teacher used Hotwire to pick out a hotel for us for the weekend. I have to say she did well; the Hotel Indigo was a bit further away than the busy section of the River Walk, but that just meant that when we explored it on Saturday, we got to see the quieter area of it, away from the restaurants and shops that line each side of it closer to the other hotel where I stayed. It allowed us to get some of the great photos that we took. I would give the Hotel Indigo a fabulous rating; we both loved it.

Unfortunately, The Teacher had to get back to work on Tuesday, so she returned home on Monday morning. So I negotiated the remaining days (the conference lasted until Wednesday) solo. Some of the highlights: seeing Jay Leno perform for the conference attendees on Tuesday night; walking back to the hotel just as the San Antonio Spurs defeated the Houston Rockets in Game 5 of the NBA Western Conference Semifinals (and seeing folks yelling in the streets, blowing car horns and celebrating as if they had won a championship); and of course, the chance to learn some interesting tidbits about the software we use to take back to work (the last is spoken with all sincerity ;)).

Next year’s conference returns to the east coast, as it will be held in Boston, Massachusetts. I have no idea if I’ll be able to attend that one, but I hope I do get a chance to see the city. I’ve never been to Boston, and when the conference was held there years ago, I missed out on the trip. I enjoyed my trip to Texas, and I hope to visit other cities there in the future.


15 Replies to “Return To San Antonio”

  1. I’m running a race in San Antonio in December. Ummm, is it flat?! That river walk looks gorgeous so I’ll have to remember it when I go! You did great with the pictures, and it’s super nice to meet The Teacher!

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    1. As far as I could see, Paula it is flat. Granted, we didn’t explore the city as much as we could have since we spent most of our time on the River Walk. When I was there three years ago, I didn’t remember much hilly terrain. Thanks so much for the kind words on the pics!

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    1. Good eyes, Kim! Actually, that one is what the restaurant called a Lemon mule-Citron vodka and lime juice. I could have drank those all day…well, maybe not ALL day. They were very good though. And yes, it was lots of fun, followed by some work. Don’t think the day job would want me to have too much fun!

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