80’s Mania Mondays: I Wanna Take You To My Cage

Later this year, the soundtrack album to the movie Purple Rain by Prince & The Revolution will be re-released. The two deluxe versions will include the original songs from the released album, some songs created at the time that were unreleased or only released as bootlegs; remixes and dance mixes of some of the original songs, and a concert DVD of Prince & The Revolution playing a show on the following tour in Syracuse, NY. It’s great that some of the music from that time that went unheard by many will finally see the light of day. Looking back at the movie though, the scene stealers in the movie were Morris Day and the band The Time. While Prince and the band were rightfully the stars of the movie, Day and The Time were what people were talking about after the movie ended—particularly their performances of “The Bird” and today’s song, “Jungle Love.”

In the beginning, The Time was a Prince project fronted by Day with several other people added to flesh out the band. Their first album featured Prince playing all the instruments, writing all the songs, and directing the whole affair by getting Day to sing from the demos he had created. It wasn’t long after that though, that The Time became a full-fledged band. There were rumors that when Prince toured with The Time, there were nights when The Time got the better of Prince performance-wise.

By the time of Purple Rain, the band had undergone some personnel changes. Jimmy Jam Harris and Terry Lewis were bounced from the group by Prince; reportedly the duo were producing The S.O.S. Band when they missed a show because of a snowstorm. Keyboardist Monte Moir also left before Purple Rain. New members Jerry Hubbard, Paul Petersen and Mark Cardenas joined and became members of the band for their third album, Ice Cream Castle. The album was released around the time of the movie and contained both “The Bird” and “Jungle Love.” The two songs became the band’s biggest pop success to that time; however it wasn’t long after that the band broke up.  The original lineup, with dancer/valet Jerome Benton, Jesse Johnson and Jellybean Johnson reunited in 1990 and had their only top ten pop hit and R&B #1 single with the song “Jerk Out.” Those same members got together again in 2011 with a brand new name, The Original 7ven, and a new album, Condensate. That album sounded very much like The Time of days gone by.

Please enjoy “Jungle Love” and as always, thanks for reading and listening. I hope your Monday is a great day!

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    1. Then my mission is accomplished! I should have given a shout out to Sirius/XM’s 80’s on 8 for playing that and giving me a song to write about. Then again, I heard quite a few songs while listening that I could have chosen for today, or even 80’s Mania Monday posts in the future.

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