Smooth Jazz Sunday: Sunday Mix #13 (Echoes Rising)

This week’s mix finds me taking another look at the current Smooth Jazz charts from Billboard magazine. I have chosen ten recent singles to make up the playlist, which may explain why I have so many videos furnished by the record labels or music companies in this one. If they are unable to be heard on your computer, I apologize, but as always, I will list the songs so that you can seek them out elsewhere. There is also one song that isn’t on the charts at the moment, which can be found at the end of the playlist.

This week’s Sunday Smooth Jazz playlist:

  1. “Harry The Hipster” by Richard Elliot
  2. “Lavish” by Special EFX
  3. “Blue Rondo” by Philippe Saisse Trio
  4. “Breakin Thru” by Eric Darius
  5. “Taboo” by Skinny Hightower
  6. “Don’t Look Back” by Urbanity
  7. “The Edge Of Twilight” by Keiko Matsui
  8. “Remember Wayman” by Ben Tankard
  9. “Vivid” by Blake Aaron
  10. “Thick Of It” by Love Suggestions
  11. “Echoes Rising” by Paul Hardcastle

Some notes on a couple of the songs:

Today’s mix is named after the Paul Hardcastle closer. I’ve been trying to get this one on the list for a few weeks now, and it almost missed its chance here. Despite not being on any chart at present, I felt that a small tribute to Hardcastle’s music was in order this week. Though at the beginning of his career his music was more dance-oriented, he now is a frequent presence on smooth jazz and chill stations, either under his own name, or on tunes by The Jazzmasters. Hardcastle has been going strong for over thirty years now and shows no sign of slowing down.

Hard to believe that Wayman Tisdale has been gone for eight years now, and for whatever fame he gained as a basketball star at the University of Oklahoma and in the NBA, he was begging to get just as much fame in the music business for his skills on the bass guitar. During his lifetime, he released eight albums (his ninth, The Fonk Record: Featuring Tiz & The Fonkie Planetarians, was released posthumously), many of which were very successful on smooth jazz radio stations. Famous for playing a right-handed bass guitar upside down (Tisdale was left-handed), he was lauded by fellow musicians for his technique, even though he wasn’t trained on a proper left-handed bass guitar. Ben Tankard, himself a former basketball player, has on his recent release a tribute to Tisdale, and I have featured it here.

I hope you enjoy todays Smooth Jazz Sunday playlist, and as always, thanks for reading and listening.


5 Replies to “Smooth Jazz Sunday: Sunday Mix #13 (Echoes Rising)”

  1. Hi Tracy, I’ve been sampling your selection here and really enjoying it though I’ll need to do a return visit. Glad to see Paul Hardcastle here. I can recall listening to him in the eighties and enjoying his more vibey music back then. Rainforest was one of them. I was also listening to the Keiko Matsui song and was trying to place it. It bugged me until I found this song called “Fairy” which she did with a big favourite musician of mine – the late Carl Anderson. I’ve posted both songs here.
    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you enjoyed the songs, Chevvy…and as always, repeat visits are loved here!

      I have to admit I’ve only recently been listening to any of Keiko Matsui’s music; she’s been around for quite a while and yet I haven’t been paying a whole lot of attention to her releases. I’ll definitely take a listen to your selection.

      Paul Hardcastle’s music doesn’t have as much of the hip-hop beat as Rain Forest did back in the day now, but he’s still putting out quality music.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I collected her earlier music and as a Carl Anderson fan, I particularly sought out the albums in which she collaborated with him. Cherry Blossom was one of my favourite CDs until the CD cracked 🙂

        Yes, in our youth, Paul Hardcastle was on point for that generation. I’ve enjoyed his evolution even with Jazzmasters.


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