We’re More Than Just Lovers #RomanticTuesday

Back on Friday, I did a small salute to SOLAR (Sound Of Los Angeles Records) as part of my most recent You Play The Songs post. I didn’t really get into all of the details about the label’s formation or how its business was run during the 1980s, nor did I mention one act that was originally signed to the label, but was then moved to Constellation Records, a sub-label from SOLAR. This group’s biggest and best-known hits were released on Constellation, including today’s #RomanticTuesday song. While many of my readers are probably more familiar with “I Miss You,” a huge hit for this group that made it to #3 on the Billboard Hot 100, this ballad was almost as good, even if it didn’t place as high.

Today’s song is “I’d Still Say Yes,” performed by Klymaxx and featuring Howard Hewett, a former member of the SOLAR group Shalamar.

Klymaxx was an all-female band that not only sang, but played their own instruments. Founded by Bernadette Cooper (drummer, vocals), the other members were Lorena Porter (Stewart) (vocals), Cheryl Cooley (guitar), Lynn Malsby (keyboards), Robbin Grider (keyboards) and Joyce “Fenderella” Irby (bassist, vocals). The group released their first two albums on SOLAR, but didn’t have any big hits. While working on their second album, the group became one of the first artists to work with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, who were beginning their songwriting/production careers while members of the band The Time.

Upon their move to Constellation Records, the group’s third released album (following one that was not released) Meeting In The Ladies Room, saw the band have their first taste of success. “The Men All Pause,” “Meeting In The Ladies’ Room,” and “I Miss You” were all sizable hits for the band, setting up their follow-up album. While no other singles were quite as popular as those three, “I’d Still Say Yes” is remembered fondly by fans of R&B and the Quiet Storm. The song made it to #18 on the Billboard Hot 100, and made the top ten of the magazine’s Adult Contemporary Chart. The song is also notable because Babyface (aka Kenneth Edmonds) was a co-writer.

Best of all, it’s a song that fits the #RomanticTuesday theme to a tee. I hope you enjoy “I’d Still Say Yes,” and thanks for reading and listening.

11 Replies to “We’re More Than Just Lovers #RomanticTuesday”

  1. I hadn’t heard of them either, very unusual, an all-female band. This has a very 80’s sound with the ringing, echoey keyboard. Beautiful harmony in the vocals. Picturing a still-in-love old couple renewing their vows to each other every day. Snatches of the music were reminiscent of Bette Midler’s Wind Beneath My Wings. Thanks, T Wayne! 🙂

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    1. You’re welcome Joan. I think a lot of people probably remember “I Miss You” by Klymaxx more than this one, but I really like this one. As always, a great description of the song, especially what’s going on with the lyrics.

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