Smooth Jazz Sunday: Sunday Mix #14 (Saxophone Delight)

This week for Smooth Jazz Sunday, I wanted an all-saxophone affair. What I didn’t count on was having seventeen songs on the playlist this week. One thing led to another, and before I knew it, the number of songs I chose had ballooned to that number. If there’s any reason for it, I partially blame Spotify. Usually, I have a song in mind and I’ll start building the list on YouTube, then go to Spotify. This time, I did the reverse. The first song “Suede” by Marion Meadows, was the jumping-off point, and then I used Spotify’s “Related Artist” feature to find the remaining artists and songs.

Enough intro; let’s get to the music.

The songs in this week’s playlist (in case you are unable to play the song here):

  1. “Suede” by Marion Meadows
  2. “Outside The Box” by Shilts
  3. “Trinity” by Jackiem Joyner
  4. “Velvet” by Andy Snitzer
  5. “The Lucky One” by Jeff Kashiwa
  6. “All Jazzed Up (And Nowhere To Go)” by Everette Harp
  7. “Snap Your Fingers” by Rocco Ventrella (featuring Patches Stewart & Cecil Ramirez)
  8. “Reverence” by Steve Cole
  9. “Forbidden Fruit” by Pamela Williams
  10. “The Sax Pack” by The Sax Pack
  11. “Off The Hook” by Michael Lington
  12. “Lovesong” by Jessy J
  13. “Pleasure Seeker” by Paul Taylor
  14. “Forever And A Day” by Euge Groove Featuring Althea Rene
  15. “I Wish I Wasn’t” by Kirk Whalum
  16. “Skinny Dippin'” by Warren Hill
  17. “Tale Of Two Cities” by Darren Rahn

Another thing you may notice is that a lot of the bigger-name sax players are missing here. No Boney James, no Richard Elliot, no Grover Washington, Jr., no David Sanborn. I tried to give some of the lesser names a bit of love this week. There are female players (Jessy J and Pamela Williams). A couple players are featured twice (Steve Cole and Jeff Kashiwa, who are members of The Sax Pack). There are also a couple brand new songs featured here by Jackiem Joyner and Rocco Ventrella. A few of them have been featured on Smooth Jazz Sunday before (notably Euge Groove, but Michael Lington has also been here also).

If you use Spotify, here’s the playlist:

New or old, I hope this is a mix everyone can enjoy, as it features smooth jazz’s most popular instrument: the saxophone. As always, thanks for listening and reading.

13 Replies to “Smooth Jazz Sunday: Sunday Mix #14 (Saxophone Delight)”

  1. I was surprised to find Jessy J on the list. She has a terrific voice but I only know her from her more pop sounding dance tunes. Live & learn. Will dig into the playlist in a bit.
    Thanks for expanding my musical horizons, T. Wayne.

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  2. I haven’t done listening yet Tracy but I’m having a blast listening to these smooth sounds on a Sunday evening. I especially liked Suede and reverence but I am a pushover for the saxophone. I’m just loving the list!

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    1. Glad you are liking it, Chevvy. There are truly so many saxophone players in the genre I would have no trouble coming up with several lists. I’ve been wanting to feature Marion Meadows’ song for quite a while now, but it never fit the way I wanted it to. The Steve Cole song “Reverence” I just happened to find as part of the Spotify search; I hadn’t heard it before I played it when I was making the list.

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  3. It’s nice to hear saxophone- I had two sax players in my family but since the music major is a trombone player, that’s what I hear more often. Saxophone does have a nice smooth sound. 🙂

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