Build The Pieces Into Something New

I’ve been a busy guy the last few weeks, much to the detriment of posting here at the old blog. Between work at the day job, time spent with The Teacher, working on the odd project, buying a car and spending time with my youngest daughter for her birthday, there’s not a lot of time left for blogging. I’ll try and be more consistent, but I can’t promise anything—you know, life happens.

The song I am featuring today I put in my last Sunday Slow Jams post. I’m giving it a solo spot today because it means a lot to me, and it speaks to something The Teacher and I discussed a while back. I even wrote a post about building walls to protect my heart after my marriage disintegrated. How I thought things were better if I just hid myself away and “never stepped outside.” Thankfully, The Teacher knocked on my door, much as the song itself says in the lyrics. And she says that I knocked on her door as well.

This song is by an artist called Darien, who hasn’t broken out big simply because of the way the music business works; it certainly isn’t because of a lack of talent. Darien now goes by Darien Dean, and has just released a new EP of music entitled Departures. If it’s anything like his album from years ago, If These Walls Could Talk, I’m definitely going to enjoy it. That is, if I can find the time to listen to it. Wait. I’ll make the time. I’m sure it will be worth it.

But back to “My Door” by Darien—I played it for The Teacher, and she loved it, straight off the top. I hope you do too, as it reminds us that we need to knock down the walls and maybe even use the pieces to build something new. Walls can keep out the bad, but they can also keep out the good too. I’m just glad that I opened that door and let those walls tumble down.

Please enjoy “My Door,” and I hope to have something for you for Funky Friday. And of course, thanks for reading and listening, if you’re still out there.

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