Smooth Jazz Sunday: Sunday Mix #15 (Early Arrival)

One of my favorite stations on Sirius/XM satellite radio is Watercolors, which plays smooth jazz. It’s not the only station I listen to, but especially since I purchased my new vehicle it’s Watercolors that is generally playing. The Teacher often has some fun while listening; even though she likes the music, she can’t resist doing Weather Channel voice-overs during certain songs. For a lot of folks who don’t have satellite radio or Watercolors, if they watch the Weather Channel for any length of time, you’ll hear some smooth jazz when they update the local weather.

This week’s mix wasn’t necessarily put together with the Weather Channel in mind, though I suppose the songs would certainly make great backing for your local weather on the 8s. As always, I’ve made a list of the songs in case you can’t get them to play here.

This week’s Smooth Jazz Sunday Playlist:

  1. “Early Arrival” by Ragan Whiteside (featuring Kim Waters)
  2. “Old.Edu (Old School)” by Euge Groove
  3. “Nasty” by Vincent Ingala
  4. “Hylife” by Marcus Miller
  5. “Right Back Atcha” by Pieces Of A Dream
  6. “Funny How Time Flies (When You’re Having Fun) by Stanley Clarke
  7. “I Don’t Mind” by Adam Hawley (featuring Euge Groove)
  8. “Morning, Noon And Night” by Bob James
  9. “Between You And I” by Riley Richard
  10. “The World Is A Ghetto” by The Sax Pack
  11. “Where I Left Off” by Oli Silk
  12. “You Know That I Love You” by Kim Waters

This list of songs is an old/new blend: six songs that are currently on or bubbling under the Billboard Smooth Jazz airplay chart, and six songs that have been around for a while. There’s also a bit of “six degrees of separation” happening for a few of the songs, particularly involving saxophonists Euge Groove and Kim Waters. Euge Groove is found on his own song, as well as a new release from Adam Hawley, while Waters is featured on new music from flutist Ragan Whiteside, as a member of the Sax Pack, and his own song—a cover of Donell Jones’ R&B hit “You Know That I Love You.” The “new” songs are the odd numbered ones, the old are the even numbers.

Now a duo, Pieces Of A Dream have been performing and releasing music for over twenty-five years. James Lloyd and Curtis Harmon released their latest album, Just Funkin’ Around a few weeks ago, and the lead single, “Right Back Atcha” features on this week’s playlist. From the sound of this one, we can expect many more songs to come as this group heads towards its thirty-year anniversary, groovin’ in style.

For those who use Spotify, you can find the playlist there as well:

As we celebrate Father’s Day, I wish all the fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day. Later today, my daughters will be treating me to brunch, where I’m sure I’ll be hearing some smooth jazz, either on the way or at the restaurant. Either way, I hope you enjoy your day, and this mix should you happen to listen to it. Thanks as always for reading and listening.

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