Sunday Slow Jams: The #RomanticTuesday Edition

Some of you might be asking, what’s Sunday Slow Jams doing on a Tuesday? Well, as I often say, my blog my rules. This week, in lieu of a Sunday Slow Jams post on a Sunday night, I’m going to do one on a Tuesday morning. After all, I haven’t posted anything for #RomanticTuesday in a while, so I thought I’d do a two-for-one.

This post was inspired two things: the song “You Don’t Have To Cry” by René & Angela, and the fact that finally, we received some rain in our area. The local forecast had been calling for rain all weekend, but nothing appeared until a big thunderstorm last night. The rain came down in sheets at times, but no hail, and it lasted for a good 45 minutes to an hour. The song popped into my head because it had the sound of a rainstorm in the intro. From there, I decided to make a Slow Jam playlist of songs with the word “rain” in the titles (“You Don’t Have To Cry” notwithstanding).

Here’s my effort. As always, the songs are listed in case you can’t play them here, you can seek them out elsewhere.

The Sunday Slow Jams: The #RomanticTuesday Edition playlist:

  1. “You Don’t Have To Cry” by René & Angela
  2. “In The Rain” by The Dramatics
  3. “Walking In The Rain With The One I Love” by Love Unlimited
  4. “Can You Stand The Rain” by New Edition
  5. “Rain” by SWV
  6. “Through The Rain” by Tanya Blount
  7. “Rain Drops” by Maysa
  8. “Pouring Rain” by Maysa
  9. “Can You Stop The Rain” by Peabo Bryson
  10. “I Wish It Would Rain” by The Temptations
  11. “Come In Out Of The Rain” by Wendy Moten
  12. “It’s Gonna Rain” by Kelly Price
  13. “No More Rain (In This Cloud)” by Angie Stone
  14. “You Can’t Stop The Rain” by Loose Ends
  15. “Rain On Me” by Ashanti
  16. “In The Rain” by Keith Sweat
  17. “Making Love In The Rain” by Herb Alpert (featuring Janet Jackson & Lisa Keith)

No Boney James this time out (sorry Joan!), but this list is long enough without him. “In The Rain” is here twice: in its original version by the soul veterans The Dramatics and the more recent cover version by Keith Sweat. For R&B fans of a recent generation, the Sweat version is the one that they remember best, though I prefer the Dramatics version just a bit more. I’m so glad to include The Temptations’ version of “I Wish It Would Rain,” no matter who covers it, it will always be the best to me. It showcases the group at the peak of its powers; though it wouldn’t be too much longer before David Ruffin (singing lead on the song) would leave the group. It would start a merry-go-round of personnel changes that would go on over the next forty-five years.

Ashanti’s “Rain On Me” may be the weakest track on the list in terms of vocals, but for production, it wins big for me. The sample of Isaac Hayes’ “The Look Of Love” is a definite winner, producing a dramatic sounding backing that elevates Ashanti’s vocals. Adding in Maysa never hurts; her two rain songs are a couple of my favorites from her solo albums. Finally, some newer classics from New Edition, SWV, Angie Stone and Loose Ends help fill out the set.

For those who use Spotify, here’s the link to the playlist there (amazingly, Ashanti’s “Rain On Me” is missing):

I hope you like this week’s two-for-one Sunday Slow Jam/#RomanticTuesday post. As always, thanks for reading and listening.

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