Smooth Jazz Sunday: Sunday Mix #17 (Sunday Mornin’)

It has been a busy week for the Joyful Processor. Last weekend I had just enough time to post a Smooth Jazz Sunday mix before I went traveling. The Teacher and I left home base on Sunday morning heading for Alexandria, Virginia, before heading back across the Potomac River to see Jill Scott in concert. The rest of the week has been pretty busy since our return, which left little time to post anything (including the usual end of the month post for You Play The Songs).

Life has been coming at me fast these last few weeks, leaving little time for blogging and even less time for reading others’ blogs. Rest assured that I haven’t forgotten anyone, and I know I have quite a few comments that I need to respond to from last week and even beyond. But until I get to those, here’s another Smooth Jazz Sunday Mix to get into. As always, I’ll list the songs included here in case you cannot play them in this YouTube playlist.

This week’s Smooth Jazz Sunday playlist:

  1. “Sunday Mornin'” by Doc Powell
  2. “Just The Way I Feel” by George Howard
  3. “Medicine Man” by George Benson
  4. “Westchester Lady” by Bob James
  5. “Pop Virgil” by The Stanley Clarke Band
  6. “Song For My Father” by Boney James & Rick Braun
  7. “Daddy-O” by Joyce Cooling
  8. “We Are One” by Mike Phillips
  9. “Cohearance” by Yellowjackets
  10. “Mr. Gone” by Weather Report
  11. “Sunday Morning” by Euge Groove

Doc Powell is a guitarist I remember from reading liner notes to some of Luther Vandross’ earlier albums. During the 1990s  he began releasing solo albums of his smooth jazz stylings. “Sunday Mornin'” is from his album Laid Back, and gives this playlist a great vibe to start things off. I don’t have proof, but I believe the vocals on the track belong to session singer extraordinaire Lori Perri.

Euge Groove is an artist that I will be seeing in just a couple weeks in Annapolis, MD at Ram’s Head on Stage. I’m really looking forward to the show, especially since the tickets were a gift from The Teacher. His tune “Sunday Morning” felt like a nice bracket with the Powell tune, so I put them first and last.

In the middle of the playlist, we find a few songs that were going to contribute to what I thought would be the theme for this week. The theme was going to center around song titles that referenced people. In that vein, you will find songs from George Benson, Bob James, Joyce Cooling, the Boney James/Rick Braun combo as well as the Stanley Clarke Band and the fusion greats Weather Report. “Mr. Gone” was the title track to the band’s mega-successful Heavy Weather album from 1977 which contains their big hit “Birdland.” Mr. Gone didn’t have quite as big hit as its predecessor, but it was critically acclaimed in fusion circles even though one song was chided for being extremely close to disco.

For Spotify users, you can find the playlist here (without Bob James’ “Westchester Lady,” which boggles the mind):

I hope you enjoy today’s Smooth Jazz mix and make it a part of your Sunday! As always, thanks for reading and listening.

6 Replies to “Smooth Jazz Sunday: Sunday Mix #17 (Sunday Mornin’)”

  1. Nice laid back selection here Tracy. Yes, life does get hectic especially when you are having fun. I’m happy for you. Been getting busy myself. Just wanted to wish you happy birthday for tomorrow. I’m sure you’ll look back and say that it was a very good year!😀


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