Funky Friday: Show Me The Way

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Funky Friday, so here’s a quick one for you.

Skyy (as the band was known in the US; elsewhere known as New York Skyy) was one of those bands that churned out hits over the course of much of the 1980s. They weren’t necessarily in the top rank of artists of that time, but that didn’t mean their songs weren’t fondly appreciated and revered years after their prime had come and gone.

Their biggest hit was “Call Me,” a #1 R&B song from 1982, but many of their songs were just as good, in my opinion. One of those was “Show Me The Way,” which I’m featuring today for Funky Friday. I’m using the 12″ mix by Shep Pettibone, a club DJ from those years who remixed many of the great R&B and dance songs of that era. For me, the synth bass kicks the thing into gear and the infectious groove certainly keeps the party going.

By that point, Skyy had departed from the female unison lead vocals that graced their early singles. Fronted by the Dunning sisters (Denise, Delores, and Bonnie), it would be Denise who would eventually take many of the solo lead vocals on the band’s songs (with male lead vocals done by Solomon Roberts, Jr.). Denise is the lead singer on this track as well.

I hope you enjoy today’s Funky Friday track, and thanks for reading and listening.

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