Smooth Jazz Sunday-Sunday Mix #19 (Covers Time)

One of my favorite phrases that the Teacher uses is when she is getting ready for bed. She refers to that time as “covers time.” In smooth jazz, a lot of artists make covers, or remakes, of other songs: mostly pop hits, but on occasion, even smooth jazz classics are covered. This week’s playlist features a few smooth jazz artists and groups who have made some memorable covers (at least to me) over the years. Therefore, this is my version of “covers time.”

As always, I’ll list the songs in the playlist below in case the videos do not play.

This week’s playlist:

  1. “Move On Up” by Richard Elliot
  2. “Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)” by BWB
  3. “After The Dance” by Fourplay featuring El Debarge and Patti LaBelle
  4. “Rock Steady” by Richard Elliot
  5. “Hey Young World” by Def Jazz (Gerald Albright & Kevin Toney)
  6. “A Woman’s Worth” by BWB
  7. “Just The Way You Are” by Grover Washington, Jr.
  8. “Tell Me A Bedtime Story” by Quincy Jones
  9. “Feel Like Makin’ Love” by Bob James
  10. “Your Body’s Callin'” by Norman Brown
  11. “Between The Sheets” by Fourplay featuring Chaka Khan and Nathan East
  12. “In All My Wildest Dreams” by Joe Sample

This week’s list contains songs originally done by Curtis Mayfield, The Jacksons, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Alicia Keys, Billy Joel, Roberta Flack, R. Kelly & The Isley Brothers, just to name a few. The Joe Sample song that ends the list is actually a remake of a song he originally did almost twenty years before on his first solo album apart from The Crusaders, the band that made his name.

For those who listen on Spotify, here is the link to this week’s list (missing Quincy Jones, Bob James and Fourplay’s “Between The Sheets”):

I could have come up with dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, of other smooth jazz covers, but these were the ones I chose. I hope you enjoy them, and thanks for reading and listening.

10 Replies to “Smooth Jazz Sunday-Sunday Mix #19 (Covers Time)”

  1. Wait..whaaaaa? Did you say El Debarge AND Patti LaBelle on Fourplay’s cover of Marvin’s “After the Dance?”
    How do I not know about this Twin? Is this something that you secretly arranged and kept from your Wonder Twin? I just cannot! DEAD!

    Liked by 2 people

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