A Lil’ Something For Columbus Day

For those of us who have today off thanks to the noted explorer who got lost sailing to China and accidentally found the New World, I hope you enjoy the day. This post won’t be a history lesson though, I promise.

I know I said I’d be back doing this…and yet a month has gone by (or nearly a month; time sure flies when you have fun) without any new words from me. Certainly, there has been plenty to write about-musically and otherwise. But I decided that I wouldn’t do a blog recap of the thirteenth season of The Voice—it would take up too much time that I didn’t already have. Best believe I am still watching the show, and giving commentary on Facebook in a group I set up expressly to discuss the show.

I’ve been listening to plenty of music, too. Lots of new things, including a few albums I’ve been dying to hear and haven’t found time for them yet. Of those I have heard, Will Downing, Najee, Vivian Green, Ledisi and a compilation put together by The Foreign Exchange have been very well received here (read as by me). Another great album that I’ve been enjoying is Lizz Wright’s Grace. It’s pretty simple—Lizz takes ten songs and sings them very well. One of my favorites from the album pretty much sets the tone and the mood of the whole set. “Seems I’m Never Tired Of Lovin’ You” has all the elements of the album combined into one song. The gospel feel, the atmosphere of the backing track, and her beautiful, throaty voice come together for a beautiful song.

I’ve been sleeping on Ms. Wright for awhile now, but no longer. I’ll be listening to her back catalog and reacquainting myself with her music. Feel free to check out her latest album and see what you think.

As for more posts: we’ll see….

10 Replies to “A Lil’ Something For Columbus Day”

  1. MY DEAR TWIN! 💞
    As long as you post a lil sumthing each month to let us know how you’re doing and what you’re listening to I am good.
    Just so you know, I took another little break from social media. Had a creep follow me on Instagram and so I dropped off temporarily but I will be back.

    Anyway, it’s that time of year for me to go back and listen to some Don E and that whole UK collaborative that you introduced me to. That was the SHIT!

    BTW, my God son is opening for this artist named Allen Stone in Augusta tonight. I posted about it today. As my wondertwin I would love for you to go to his website and take a listen to some of the samples and tell me what you think.

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    1. Hey there Twin! I sent you an email a couple weeks back. I hope you were able to get it.

      Also: Yes, it has been a minute since I listened to the British Collective; I gotta get on that! Thanks for the heads up! Also, I listened to a couple samples; I think he fits right in with Allen Stone, and he sounds good too.

      Thanks for the kind words; I hope to be back soon!

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