The Baylor Project Gives Us Some Good Advice

Thanks to Soul Tracks, I heard this song a little over a week ago for the first time. I have been playing it at least once a day ever since.

Last year, I featured a song from Renee Neufville, one-half of the nineties R&B duo Zhané. This song features the other half, the former Jean Norris. Now married to drummer Marcus Baylor, they have formed The Baylor Project, whose album The Journey was released earlier this year. Once I found this song, I played the album, which is good; but nothing on it is as good to me as this particular song.


If only I had heard the words “holding on to something bad won’t make it any better” a few years ago when I was dealing with the aftermath of the end of my marriage. But when I hear this song now, in the place where I am, I can see what it really means to laugh and move on.

As for the song itself, it’s beautiful, and the video is gorgeous. Give it a listen and see what you think.

Thanks for reading and listening.

15 Replies to “The Baylor Project Gives Us Some Good Advice”

  1. Boy do I miss messing with you! YAAAASSSSS! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweetie! Please kiss Queen Diva The Lady P for me!
    I can’t help thinking of my Twin whenever I listen to good music out chea in these streets! LOL!!!! Kisses and hugs! Gwin

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      1. Hello my love! So good to hear from you. How are you? I really miss blogging and catching up with my blogging buddies. I really need to get back on tho’😘💋💋

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      2. I miss my Lisa A! I pray that things are leveling off for you . I’ll be off later this week so maybe I can post something to the blog. I’m fairly active on Instagram @ladyg_flow maybe I can see you there 😘💋💋

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      3. Hi!! I hope to see you blogging more! I’m not a fan of Instagram. I have an account but use Twitter and Facebook more than anything. The only times I go on IG is for research. Take care! ❤

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