About The Author

So, I have to write about myself. I have something down here, but it is subject to change, much like I am:

Greetings, and welcome to A Joyful Process.  I live in a small city on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, in an area known regionally as the Mid-Shore, and geographically known as the Delmarva Peninsula (Delaware-Maryland-Virginia). That isn’t to be confused, although it can be also called the DMV (which is also known as DC-Maryland-Virginia). I usually consider the DMV to be the area on the western side of the Chesapeake Bay, but the Delmarva can also be considered the DMV also. I have two grown daughters that I love without reservation; they make me proud each and every day.

From early in my childhood, I have always been passionate about music, mostly rhythm and blues. As I got older, I listened to songs from other genres and learned to appreciate them as well. My mother started my music appreciation by repeatedly playing the History of Otis Redding album. The first song I can remember is his “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now).” From there, it was 45’s, to LPs, to cassettes, to CDs, and now the digital consumption of music. You will find a lot of posts about music on this blog, mainly in the R&B realm, but also a few surprises. I also learned that by being a fan of the television show Soul Train that I also liked to dance, and I still do to this day.

I grew up a sports fan, taught early on by my elders to support the local squads through good and bad. That means that you will find me cheering for the Baltimore birds, both Orioles and Ravens. I will also root for the Maryland Terrapins, and have rooted for the Georgetown Hoyas as well. Because the former Baltimore NBA squad moved down the road to Washington, I am a Wizards fan as well. I once had visions of being an athlete myself, having played baseball and basketball before realizing that my dreams would be best met by using my brain instead of any supposed athletic gifts.

This is my third attempt to blog about music, sports, news articles, personal stories (that I deem worthy to publish) and anything that amuses me or moves me to type and click the Publish button. This blog also serves as an opportunity to express myself through the written word. Feel free to express yourself in the comments of my posts, if you are so inclined.

Thank you for reading.


35 Replies to “About The Author”

    1. Thank you for the kind words! That post was a reminder to myself of where I have come from and what I went through to get where I am now. I am truly blessed. Thanks again!
      And you’re welcome for the follow! I’ll be reading….


  1. Helloooo!!!
    Just wanted to say that I have looked around your blog and really have enjoyed it..
    I hope to read more and hear from you as well..I am really enjoying this whole blog..
    Thank you..

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  2. T. Wayne, great blog and purple is the best color! Thanks for checking in on JazzCookie often. Music is indeed a joyful process…Take care and stay cool…JazzCookie

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