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A quick reminder to anyone interested in joining the NCAA Bracket Challenge. If you are interested in getting into the game, please email me at twayne@joyfulprocess.blog, or look for the "Contact Me" link at the top of the blog homepage for more information. The deadline to enter your completed bracket is Wednesday, March 15, 2017. This post …

Love is in the air!!!

If you need a Quiet Storm soundtrack for your Valentine’s Day, or even if you just want some idea of what a Quiet Storm radio show would sound like, you need…let me repeat…you NEED to get over to Chevvy’s Studio and read this post, but especially the comments. Best part, you can join in with your romantic favorites. Don’t let Chevvy, Lady G and I have all the fun!

I am taking comments here, but they would be better served at Chevvy’s post.

Chevvy's Studio

There is a lot to take in these days that  can send us into bouts of depression,fear or anger. So a chance to escape into the dreaminess of new love or loving the one you’re with is a great place to escape. So be my Valentine and join me in celebrating love by adding your favourite song that you’d like to add to this list and get that love thang going around. I’ve chosen three songs to kickstart the list. First on my list is this sexy man who can be my Valentine anytime y’all . If you  want to get the mood right, listen up to Will Downing.

Then there is this old song which still tugs at my heart and brings back good old lovin’ memories. Listen to those high notes:

And if your spirits want to just run free….

So post your favourite Valentine’s song in the…

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Celebrate good times

Yesterday, there was an anniversary. An anniversary that I am proud and pleased to acknowledge. One year ago yesterday, I crossed paths with Chevvy from Chevvy’s studio in a post on my blog about the passing of Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire. It has been a wonderful year of sharing and reminiscing and enjoying the music we both grew up with. To mark the anniversary, Chevvy wrote this wonderful post. Please do check it out and follow her blog, if you don’t already do so.

Thanks, Chevvy. This means the world to me. 🙂

Chevvy's Studio

Music has flowed through my veins for as long as I can remember. It’s been both my solace and my joy. It has a language all of its own, a language that reminds  me of pivotal moments in my life.

Exactly one year ago, I chanced upon a special person who understood this language and pretty soon we discovered our love of the same music to be a rare find. Today this post is a special dedication to    T. Wayne from A Joyful Process whom I met on the blog on the 6th February 2016. He knows some very special songs and musicians that are very dear to my heart that few others do. He understands the lifeblood of music and is far superior than I will ever be on the history and art of the music we love. It has been such a pleasure to share our…

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We’re Being Brainwashed into Racism and We Can Stop It

Please read this…definitely worth your time! Leave your comments at Naked Thoughts, please.

Naked Thoughts

Racism isn’t something we’re born with, it’s something we learn.

And I think its ultimately about economic competition, though people don’t realize it. Especially the racists.

You see, before I was five years old, my family lived in a very diverse college town where my laid-back, liberal parents let me wander everywhere by myself. I’d just start knocking on doors, starting conversations with people, and my parents begin combing the neighborhood once it started getting dark.

One time, they found me eating dinner with a Mexican family. Another time, I was at an African immigrant’s apartment and he was showing me slides of African kids playing games, which I found super interesting. Yet another time, I was hanging out at some Lebanese guy’s place and he was playing Santa Esmerelda records while cooking lemon chicken and keeping me company.

I didn’t think anything about these people being “different” when I was a little kid. They were nice, which…

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