Happy Mother’s Day

Just a few words that I wrote for my mom, and for all mothers from Facebook/Instagram: Happy Mother's Day to this wonderful mom, counselor, and friend. You cared for me; were there for me; shared with me; prepared me and raised me. All I am I owe to you. So today, and everyday, I say …

Musical Affirmation: 10/6/2016

My musical Twin Lady G has started a new Thursday music series (and I’m a bit late with the reblog since this is the second post of the series), but it features a song that we share a extraordinary musical bit of synchronicity with, and a song that I absolutely adore. Feel free to leave comments at her blog.


alley-1652442_1920Beginnings by Chicago (Originally released in 1969).  Re-released in 1971.

“Only the beginning…only just the start”

Today’s MANTRA!!!!

Make no mistake brass fans, Lady G is bringing you LIFE today!



I go to sixty-seventh heaven EVER-Y-TIME I hear the horns blasting on this jam!

Easily one of my favorite songs of all time-best believe that!

And so:

Today’s affirmation:  I now welcome new and positive beginnings!

Yes baby!  Fall is in the air!  The possibilities are endless!  A new start!

It’s ONLY the beginning!

Come on y’all!  Let’s rock this jam right into a new beginning!

Video Credit:  MsDreamscaper

Chicago!!!  ‘Rock with Horns Band.’

I just can’t with Robert Lamm on this jam!  Sorry y’all, I had to throw that one in for old times sake 😉

Remember to check out “My Jams” for years 1966-1996 under “Music”- “My Jams.”

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Dear White People

Powerful words from Tikeetha! What I wish people would do instead of hiding behind preconceived notions of what we are. We are better together than divided.

Leave any comments at her site.

A Thomas Point of View

Can we talk?

Can we truly talk about the elephant in the room that you never want to talk about?


Let’s talk about race.

I’m black.

I’m a woman.

Two indisputable facts that you may have noticed.

I’m a mother.

To a son.

He’s the light of my life.

He’s my Munch.

He’s also black.

Why do I keep mentioning color? Because I need you to see and acknowledge the rich hues in my skin tone. I need you to see my melanin and know that I am black. Can you see the warm coffee colored hues of my skin tone just radiating? Yes?


Let’s talk.

I’m black. A beautiful black woman who shares a rich history in this country. My ancestors were kings and queens, slaves and sharecroppers. I know this. Many of you know this. But, I need you to stop acting like I’m supposed to forget…

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Somehow, I missed the anniversary date of when I started A Joyful Process. I knew it was sometime in November, but I wasn't sure of the exact date. The anniversary was actually last week (November 14). I thought that WordPress would send a notification letting me know I had been blogging under this name for …